You've probably found me because you've been a follower of Houts Graphics. This is my new site for a more personal branding. I feel like Houts Graphics is more like a company or an entity and it's harder for people to identify with brands rather than people. So I've decided to move my Services and content over here to this new website.

Who is Alan Leenhouts?

I'm a loving husband and father of 2. I do graphic design, videos, digital marketing and website design. I've all but cut out all design in my processes aside from the images I make for websites and social media. Occasionally I'll take a graphics project but mostly these days it's just images for blog posts and YouTube thumbnails.

I graduated high school in 1994 but didn't go to college immediately. I wanted to live a bit and found out that with the skills I had the world was rough. I worked various jobs and never really found anything that was a great fit until I started working as a stagehand. I did that for a while but eventually I went to school for fine arts in 2004 - 2005. I had at least learned enough during my time to have life skills and