Hitting it Head On – ranking for Houston SEO

24. July 2015 News 0
Hitting it Head On – ranking for Houston SEO

So it has been a busy week here at Houts Graphics.  We’ve been busy finishing an e-commerce website we had been waiting to get product info on for a while.  We actually had to do an entire rebuild but that didn’t slow us down much around here. We decided to do a little testing with a subdomain last week and see how things went.  Well long story short it seemed to be working out pretty well for us, so we went with it.

We duplicated our site and redirected to the new subdomain in an effort to rise in the serps and disguise some of our SEO practices.  We have some hidden links and I wanted to see if they would be visible on the new domain, how I could get the most juice without other people being able to reverse engineer our work. We also made many subpages which are ranking very well.  We made these specifically to target many of the towns around Houston. While we were at it we decided to go ahead and adjust our home page to target Texas.  We are only about 45 minutes out from the middle of the Houston, and the search volumes are much larger for that location.

So what have the results been like? Here’s a list of the terms we started ranking on the first page for almost immediately.

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We are also on the 3rd page and rising for some of the most difficult terms to rank for as a Houston SEO.  So, if you need to get ranked, and get ranked quick. Give us a call and let us help you get more traffic to your website via Google.