Learning to Code a WordPress Plugin

22. September 2016 News 0
Learning to Code a WordPress Plugin

So it’s not my normal thing but I’ve been wanting to enter the software market a bit and wanted to be sure that I knew enough to be able to make minor adjustments and to be sure that I wasn’t being given broken code. So here I am learning a lot more about php and wordpress actions and hooks.

As always the internet and YouTube has been my main teacher in this so far. I may end up picking up a book on PHP or WordPress hooks just for ease of reading on paper over reading screens for long durations. In any case I’ve got about 4 plugins I am attempting to smoosh together to make a lightbox plugin that works well across all devices. There are a few of these out there but they each have their own issues. I see the need so I’ll attempt to create something.


I haven’t been keeping up with the blog so well since a flurry of web design projects came up. I was forced to do some custom theme adjustments for one project that came out very nice. I’ll be utilizing the new knowledge I’m learning for the plugin development project in theme adjustments and more plugins in the future.

The biggest help I’ve had so far is watching Develop with WP on YouTube. He’ really goes into depth about why he’s doing what he’s doing in his examples which helps a lot.