Social media can be an integral part of branding for your business. Having a Facebook page, twitter account, or Pinterest page for your business can be vital for certain industries. Different types of businesses will benefit from different social media platforms.

You probably spend at least some time on social media yourself. On average about 40% of the U.S. population is on Facebook daily. The most popular networks are twitter and Facebook, although other platforms also perform very well.

Just having a business page isn’t enough though. While social media can be time consuming it can be very useful for driving traffic and brand recognition. Systems can be utilized to make your social media presence more useful. On top of the traffic that social media can drive. Social accounts interlinking can perform a type of authority funnel and build the trust of your site to search engines.

Social media marketing can be as simple as an image with a bold statement or as advanced as videos and animated gifs with your custom message. “W,e have a Facebook page but noone sees it,” or “We have a twitter but I’m not sure if anyone is tweeting from it,” are common remarks when social media is brought up. Sometimes people will say, “We have a website so I don’t think we need to do social media.”

If your wondering why you should utilize a social media strategy ask yourself these questions:

1. How have your social media efforts supported and affected your SEO?

2. How have your social media marketing strategies improved your brand awareness among users?

3. How are you most likely to respond to online feedback – both positive and negative?

4. How are your competitors using social media?

5. What are your plans for growing your online community?

6. How versed are you in creating and ranking a YouTube channel for your company and brand?

7. How many social platforms does your company actively use, and how do you interact between them?

8. How many of your customers have found you as a result of interacting on your social accounts?

9. Do you know how to create engaging content for your social community?

10. How often do you provide updates and news regarding your company or brand?

11. What value do you offer to your customers through social media channels?

12. What is your brand “voice” and “personality,” and how do you get this across to your customers?

When you contact us to discuss your social media marketing needs, we will help you understand and answer these questions. Furthermore, we will help put you at ease as we plan out a strategy going forward that will help you provide a consistent and confident message to your customers and clients while improving their experience with your company and brand.

We will help you create an atmosphere of trust and value that your customers will come to identify with your business.

And, if the thought of implementing these new strategies causes your head to spin, don’t worry. Part of the benefits of having our company partner with you is that we will manage these tasks on your behalf so that you can get back to doing what you do best, and that is serving your customers and clients.

Let’s get to work, together. Contact me today to set up your no-obligation social media marketing consultation.