YouTube Live Streaming Update

16. November 2016 News 0
YouTube Live Streaming Update

Many people are noticing today YouTube accounts with multiple live stream videos have been banned. There are processes to get these accounts live again but the writing is on the wall. Live streaming isn’t a safe method for mass posting videos.


YouTube smacked people building channels with YouTube Live for rankings purposes. One person I know lost most all of her channels. Others saw their videos deindexed. Others saw half indexed.

Clint Butler – Digitaleer
There have been multiple softwares that have come out in recent months taking advantage of the live event’s fast rankings. They post multiple live streams in quick succession. I was personally never a huge fan of this and haven’t seen any changes with the YouTube channels I run.

Information is still coming as far as how much this will effect video rankings. It does seem to have an effect on regular videos as well, albeit not a huge effect. They would normally rank in just a couple minutes but now are taking just a bit longer than usual. Still very fast rankings in what we’ve seen.

If you’re using those live event softwares make sure to be careful with them. I would say they’re fine for actual live streams, and possibly for looking into what keywords might rank. I wouldn’t use them in mass quantity, or if I was going to poke for rankings I wouldn’t do it with YouTube accounts that I have valuable videos on currently.