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87% of Texas businesses now use video as a marketing tool, find out how we can help your business with video.


Video & Local SEO for YOUR Texas Business

Will this work for your Texas business?

One of my clients wanted to grow his side business so he could get out of the Texas heat, long hours, work environment he felt stuck in. Just 6 months later he had no choice but to quit that job and nearly triple his income due to the work Leenhouts SEO did getting his business ranked.


And his business isn't just being seen, when customers search for his service he is #1 in the map pack and also shows in the organic listings on the first page. He's getting calls every day, not just from these rankings but also from the Social Media work that has been done.

Automation has saved him time and having to manage his social media accounts. An auto-response tells his customers the process to follow, and we can set up more advanced processes as well.

Calls from Google my Business

And now he has the ability to take time off for a week and take a cruise when he wants. Does your business need a few more customers and you don't know where to start?


Working With A Texas SEO Company & Video Ranking Expert


The top listing on google gets over 35% of the clicks according to a study in 2014. The second and third spot generate just over 20% when combined. If you want that business you need to be on top. Video allows for quick rankings as well as an image in the search results to increase action.


Getting the phone to ring, orders to be placed, and people in the door is the final objective and we can make small adjustments to the website or landing pages to increase results. We are a results driven business and understand it is actions not clicks that matter.


In this fast-paced world keeping the attention of prospective clients and customers is increasingly difficult. That is why video marketing has become so popular. By connecting with the audience video is proven to make more conversions. With video, comes the ability to rank quickly as well as improve engagement.



Our specialized techniques have been used to get properties listing your business covering the top spots on Google. While you're waiting for your on and off-site SEO work to kick in, the quickest way to get on the first page of Google is to get in the 3 pack. Our Local Listing Optimization gives your business the boost it needs to show up in map searches.


Our techniques for interlinking websites can make a massive difference in the sites ability to rank. We would love to set up your on-page SEO correctly and build a silo system to strengthen your entire website. Setting page titles, URLs, meta-data, schema data, and content correctly is vital for ranking.


The hardest part of any SEO campaign is creating powerful relevant backlinks. This usually takes an expert with years of experience to accomplish. We have many different resources we use to accomplish gaining relevant powerful links safely.


Expert in Video Marketing and Video SEO

I expanded my expertise in internet marketing by becoming a top Video marketing Expert. Video is increasingly prevalent in search and in social media and is driving traffic and sales for those who use it. By offering Video SEO services we have been able to increase the ROI for our Texas clients. Adding Video to the marketing services we offer has helped to lessen the time for ranking landing pages by using videos instead to drive leads.

Videos can be used for much better engagement on social media pages. Since engagement can influence prices of ads, it can drive the prices down for ad campaigns as well. Videos are huge for views and interactions on different social platforms like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Videos can lead to faster rankings since YouTube videos rank so quickly and stay ranking.

YouTube Video Rankings

We don't only rank video in Google, YouTube is also a search engine in itself. If we load and optimize your videos on YouTube, that can also be a significant source of traffic. Properly optimizing your YouTube Channel and using YouTube SEO can even bring more traffic than Google for some verticals. We can help to drive calls and conversions with my video search engine optimization services, as well as help boost the rankings of other properties.

#1 Video SEO Expert

If you search for Houston Video Seo you will see my YouTube video ranked #1. I have many videos ranked on the Google search engine results pages for various terms and have put my focus for the last few years into being one of the top video SEO specialists. I can rank YouTube videos for your business with the video optimization knowledge I've learned to implement over years of study.

Not JUST a Video Marketing Expert

I have been creating websites and applying video marketing and local SEO in Texas since 2011, getting my start by working with a digital agency creating websites for their clients and optimizing them. I create designs based on the latest trends I am ever evolving my craft. I've worked on many different platforms for web design.


I am ready to create a new SEO optimized website design for your business and help you to get traffic to it through search engines and Video. While ranking YouTube videos is fun and exciting, having a video on your website helps to increase the time on page and engage your visitor. Using video marketing isn't always about using video on YouTube or on social media, a video SEO expert can get videos on the first page of Google for various keywords to drive traffic.

Why You Should Care About a Video Marketing Strategy?

YouTube is the second largest search engine and gets a ton of targeted traffic every day. YouTube videos can be leveraged for plenty of traffic both from Google as well as on YouTube. According to Wordstream 1/3 of online activity is spent watching video.


As a video marketing expert, I know the ranking factors for different search engines in and out. There are slight differences between various platforms and the landscape is always changing. That is why it takes an YouTube video marketing specialist who focuses on a particular area to provide the best services for your video marketing campaign.

87% of Online Marketers are Using Video

Video marketing is important for growing businesses who want to get the most out of SEO (search engine optimization) in 2018. Video content is more captivating and is shown to convert as well. It is important to have a video marketer dedicated who can skillfully promote your video on your side.


Not only do we handle your video SEO for you, we can create video in a variety of ways, from whiteboard videos to animated slideshows, to spokesperson videos. No matter what type of video will work for your business Leenhouts SEO can help to get it in the search results.

The Facts on How Video is Changing Marketing

85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on any of their devices. Which means that video content is becoming increasingly popular.

54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. This goes to show that the demand for video content is also increasing.

87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. More businesses are including video content as part of their digital marketing strategy.

Videos are a consumers’ favorite type of content to see from a brand on social media. Consumers expect more video content.

88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media. Companies are using video marketing to improve their business. Among other things, this includes to increase their sales, to build brand awareness, and to keep their customers informed.

Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year. This increased quality of leads could be because of the quality of education that video content brings.

The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. This shows that video content improves engagement on your website.

Where both video and text are available on the same page, 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service. This means that people show a preference for video content over text.

YouTube is the second largest search engine, with the largest being Google. It has huge potential. It receives more than 1.5 billion users per month and plays over 1 billion hours of video each day to users.

Viewers are 95% more likely to remember a call to action after watching a video, compared to 10 percent when reading it in text format. Which means that video content is easier to remember than written content.

Source- Oberlco