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automate social media postsLet me tell you about how I automate social media posts.  So it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated my social media automation.  I had facebook connected to twitter and hootsuite posting to twitter and +G.  This was efficient enough all I had to do was create a new article in my RSS feed and the information would be reposted everywhere automatically.

IFTTT Recipies to Syndicate Around the Web

Since it had been quite a while and I’m currently setting up some new clients, I decided to investigate new methods.  I’m very glad I did.  I had heard of IFTT(If This then That) from various places and wasn’t quite sure how well it would work or how complex settting it up would be.  Well this post is also my test run.  Setting up was super easy, even creating new functions was as simple as a few clicks.

Sharing Photos Everywhere

I now will have new photos from the blog posted to a folder in Facebook, the post itself will also go to Facebook and then twitter.  I will probably set up some new social media since I don’t see limits to what I can do with it yet.

I’m very excited about all the new social media accounts I can run from one area.  It also connects with buffer so I can use buffer for interaction and IFTT for automating my posts.  So far I’ve only connected my rss feed and feed imaged to Facebook and twitter, but I did notice YouTube, tumbler and instagram also available, even reddit.