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What are the Best Free SEO Tools for Website Ranking

I’ve done SEO with very little overhead for quite some time now with good success. The key is to that I don’t pay monthly fees for tools which I can use free versions of. There are tons of free SEO tools available and an SEO with some experience can do most of what an SEO does using free versions.

Here are the top free tools I use now, and I’ll also include some which are very useful despite having some cost.


Keyword Research 

Google adwords keyword planner

Doing keyword research doesn’t require any expensive tools, there are some which can speed up the process of finding low competition keywords but they’re not necessary. Using Google’s adwords keyword planner is one way to go about getting related keywords. I’ll pick 4 or 5 variations which I can get lists of about 800 terms as a .csv file. I then use a script to combine these .csv files into one large list.

This isn’t something I came up with myself, I didn’t compile lists until about a year ago when I found a video by Brendan Mace on building keyword lists, but keyword research wouldn’t be complete without competition analysis. So where are some free tools to accomplish this bit?

Link Building is a tool I currently use for link building. It’s actually a paid tool which I found listed in Neil Patel’s article about growing blog traffic, and I checked out a 14-day free trial. So far, I like the experience and I’m thinking of upgrading to its paid plan once my trial period runs out. Basically, it’s like a search engine for bloggers/influencers. I can type a keyword for a niche I’m targeting, and the tool spits out a list of most shared, followed, or tagged personalities in that space who I can contact to help promote my content and for potential link building opportunities.

Use THIS LINK for a free trial period.

Competition Analysis

Aside from searching each keyword and using a toolbar to view the competition there is also a free tool that works almost like Long Tail Pro. – it allows for a reasonable amount of keyword research each day for free.  There is also a subscription if the free version doesn’t give enough functionality to accomplish your goals.


Rank Tracking – a free account here lets you track 25 keywords for around 20 different domains. This won’t work to track your YouTube video’s as it searches by page and not domain, and this is searching by your IP so its best, if your checking more than 5 or so domains, to use a proxy of some sort, or check them over the course of the day. I have paid tracking but still use for quick checks as it’s faster to navigate than my regular tracker.

Ranktank – is another keyword position tool I use occasionally. I find this nice to check hundreds of keywords at once, and it uses a Google IP which never gets blocked.

Traffic Travis – is another tool which I don’t currently use but was my tool at the time for reporting and keyword tracking, It is a pretty useful tool and does have some competition analysis within, as well as link prospecting. Without private proxies it’s rather slow.

On Page Analysis


Most of my on page optimization I configure manually, I do occasionally use some tools to check keyword densities and such on my clients sites. SeoQuake toolbar – works great for quick analysis. With the tool I can see the keyword densities, and items which aren’t optimized quickly.


That’s a quick rundown of the free tools, most of which I still use alongside some paid tools. The paid tools I use now are as follows.