relevant blogs with FCS networker

Building Relevant Web 2.0 Blogs with FCS Networker

So when you’ve got a tool to create web 2.0 posts and links like FCS networker it’s tempting to create accounts and just blast posts to the accounts. This can work… oh wait it’s not 2011 anymore.


There are many ways to use these tools that increases the effectiveness of them. First of all the accounts most account creators set up are a pretty blank canvas with just a username. For an active web 2.0 it would be pretty strange if the person never even set up a profile picture, even if its just a picture of their cat. For my tumblr blogs I manage I like to choose a profile picture, change the title from ‘untitled’ to something about the niche I am trying to promote with these blogs, change from the default theme, and then I like to go reblog and like other tumblr posts about that niche.


Another set of blogs I like to use are Rebelmouse (bad news they just announced they’re closing the free accounts), but I set these up a bit differently. I will show you what they do that makes them really unique and why it makes life easy. With Rebelmouse blogs there are a bunch of ways you can set them up and connect various social accounts. I happen to like using twitters for a few things and have a bunch, so I was using twitter accounts to speed up the process of registering my Rebelmouse when I realized that the history of posts from the twitter accounts were already in the Rebelmouse blog as excerpts from what I had tweeted linking to the url that was tweeted and this was just brought in from my history. Instantly everything I had tweeted was built into this blog.


Those are two of my favorite blogs because of the community with Tumblr and the twitter/automation relationship with the Rebelmouse blogs. I do use others as well and try to fill out their setups as much as possible when I plan on using them for posting to any of my main sites. This is quite a time consuming process but it can be sped up by creating a spun description, or just by writing them very simply and to the point with regards to explaining who they are and what they like. That is all a description is, and by thinking of friends and family the descriptions basically write themselves.


Other than filling out the blogs to make them look like real sites, it’s just a matter of putting relevant niche content on them. This is easy enough to do. I like to take 4 or 5 of the authority blogs in the niche and use the rss feed content to create posts from those blogs.

fcs niche related content


This is how I set up, and I will drip posts to the sites daily for about a week. This gives me a good base of niche relevant content and links to authority sites at the same time. Linking to authority sites gives some trust to the blog. For more tips on building a powerful web 2.0 network check out my ultimate guide.