Ironic Content Marketing Strategy

21. April 2015 On Page 0
Ironic Content Marketing Strategy

Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy new year pretty soon.  I have to let you know about my ironic content marketing strategy.  I’ve really been slacking with adding post to my blog all the while frantically trying to find backlinks, and find places to submit articles with links back to my website.  All in the name of SEO.  The irony about this is the biggest phrase about SEO right now is ‘content is king’ and by slacking on the work for my own website ‘in the name of SEO’ I’m actually not following that idiom.

Look to the Bloggers for Good Content Marketing Examples

I was reading and commenting, leaving my links. Running across great content, not once thinking – if I just had great articles like these maybe I’d get more traffic- when I ran across those words of wisdom.  Oh thank you for correcting the error of my ways bloggers.  I see the light and I will create my content consistently.  I will write those transcripts for my video’s and post them beneath the video.  I will continue to find new topics and have catchy titles.  I will create a ’10 best’ or ‘101 ways’ article.  Thank you blogosphere I will be patient and create content and the links and retweets and +1’s will come.

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