Easy to Use Animated Video Creation Tool

I recently got a new toy. I have been unhappy with video creation tools for the last year or so when searching. Finally I found a simple easy to use solution. How easy to use? I have a video I created about creating the animated video. All but the rendering process took about 10 minutes.



I set the job to process, got a drink and by the time I was back the processing was done. Anyway here’s the video….


The app I used is biteable.com. It has a free version as well but the videos have a watermark. I created a gig for anyone who wants a video but just needs the occasional video and doesn’t want to purchase the yearly subscription. You can have me create your awesome video by ORDERING HERE. Ranking videos is my Jam. I always had the hangup of where to get the videos. Now I can customize my own videos for any projects I want. It doesn’t allow for voiceovers yet, and there’s no preview before rendering. So what I do is use another tool for creating the voiceover. These are small prices to pay for the powerful easy to use package.

With a pre-written script, I’m sure I could easily create a video in under 5 minutes with custom colors. Once I build the video in Biteable, which has actually gotten much better with new features added regularly, I download and use some tools on my phone which work well for doing my voiceovers.

Animated videos are a great tool to have to push out to social media explaining what it is that your company is about. The boost from social interaction will also help your videos rank even better.