Easy to Use Animated Video Creation Tool

Easy to Use Animated Video Creation Tool

I recently got a new toy. I have been unhappy with video creation tools for the last year or so when searching. Finally I found a simple easy to use solution. How easy to use? I have a video I created about creating the animated video. All but the rendering process took about 10 minutes.


I set the job to process, got a drink and by the time I was back the processing was done. Anyway here’s the video….

The app I used is biteable.com. It has a free version as well but the videos have a watermark. I created a gig for anyone who wants a video but just needs the occasional video and doesn’t want to purchase the yearly subscription. Ranking videos is my Jam. I always had the hangup of where to get the videos. Now I can customize my own videos for any projects I want. It doesn’t allow for voiceovers yet, and there’s no preview before rendering. These are small prices to pay for the powerful easy to use package.

With a pre-written script I’m sure I could easily create a video in under 5 minutes with custom colors. I will be looking at ways to add a voiceover and I believe it will be pretty simple. I will update the post when that process comes together for me.