Expired Twitters: How to Scrape and Manage them

In this post I will explain to you the second method I use to find expired twitters. Also I will give you a breakdown on how I manage a small army of web 2.0 networks using just these twitters. You should check out the Guest Post that Cem wrote on using expireddomains.net to find twitters.

Scraping Expired Twitters

Finding expired twitters with this second method is just like scraping most web 2.0 properties, in fact it is easier. I take a huge list of popular terms. I have a list of 100k terms I found on Mathew Woodward’s blog post about building a web 2.0 network. I’ve found a couple lists like that and I also can create lists of around 10k in just a few moments using Google’s Keyword Planner.



The footprint is much the same as scraping any other web 2.0 for SEO, it’s just site:twitter.com along with the keywords. If you want to get fancy you can also find the most popular hashtags and add those to the keyword list as well. I haven’t tested these popular hashtags alone so I can’t tell you how much they improved the results over regular keywords.




Here I am running the harvester for expired twitter accounts. I do often scrape yahoo as well but I generally have pretty good luck with just scraping bing. I will scrape Google sometimes as well but I don’t find it necessary. Once this is done I’ll have a few hundred thousand or maybe even a few million urls to check out.


It’s not really necessary to filter to just usernames but I do reduce the number of urls a bit. I will use the Remove/Filter button to remove any urls that don’t contain ‘twitter.com/’. I also remove any domains that contain hashtag, status, and search. That will remove most urls that won’t get taken out with the alive check and it should be really close to 100% account urls.


In this example run I stopped at about 10k urls and after filtering was left with just under 7k. There are a few blog.twitter, dev.twitter… etc that I didn’t bother taking out.

Checking the Twitters with the Alive Checker


Once you’ve scraped a few thousand or a few hundred thousand twitter handles, the next step is of course to see if these twitters give a 404 or not. I would say trim to first folder but this isn’t really that necessary. Because most of the results will be twitter accounts and not posts. Once this is done I generally go straight to checking the metrics. Finding a good twitter account means looking into the backlinks. Sure you can find an expired twitter with one backlink from the business that was running it, but how long will that one link last?




Once the Alive check is finished I choose export all not-alive urls to scrapebox harvester. Then I will go through the bulk check with either the Page authority checker right inside of scrapebox, although I really don’t trust Moz’s metrics as of late, or I will grab the list of urls and look at majestic.




Just like when looking at PBN domains I like to look for links and root domains. The more variety of links coming in the more chance they’ll stick around. That one company link will likely go away once they realize that they’re not in control of their twitter anymore.


You can see that there are two quite powerful accounts that I found in this short search. I only let 10k urls get found. There were less than 20 urls left after checking for 404’s. Both of these top domains have plenty of links and would be great to use.

Speaking of metrics I will say that I’ve almost completely written off Moz as of late. I use Majestic as my primary tool and if I have any more need to check numbers I will look at ahrefs. I still use Moz metrics but I’m just really not happy with their lack of keeping up with the rest of the tools.

Ok so I have a list of 404 twitter accounts that have good backlinks, now what? I go register them. I have almost an 100% rate with twitters that give a 404 as being able to register. I have seen a few that were brand names that weren’t available to register but generally speaking if they give a 404 you can register them.

How do I keep these Twitter Accounts Active


Twitter accounts will die on their own if they’re not posted to for a certain period of time. I think it’s 6 or 9 months, it’s written on their site somewhere. So how do I manage to post to these regularly and not have to log into each account individually?


If you’re thinking I use FCS networker, or Syndwire, or some other management system think again. I just use tweetdeck. Tweetdeck was a separate website to manage twitters until twitter picked it up a few years back. I have a bunch of accounts in my tweetdeck and it allows me to schedule posts, and post to multiple accounts with the same tweet.


One drawback of tweetdeck is that it doesn’t allow for spinning but hell it’s just a tweet right. Ok so I’ve shown you how to find and manage these twitters but what else do I do to EXPLODE  the power of these accounts?


This is where IFTTT comes in. Setting up a few rings of web 2.0 sites that are triggered by the twitters can take a bit of time but when I can tweet to 10 accounts and get 300 backlinks in about 15 minutes it’s worth it. This is explosive for ranking videos Semantic Mastery have a whole course on twitter and IFTTT.  There is also LCT, or Local Client Takeover that also have information available about using twitters to syndicate, check out their LCT facebook Group.


You can have an IFTTT linkwheel set up for a small fee to boost your twitters, this is a premium setup but you can use a cheaper service and build more tiers as well. Imagine setting up 10 twitters syndicating to 20 sites, and those with 40 sites beneath them. This does great things for ranking videos.


Setting up Twitter posts to syndicate is a neat trick. I did really like how it worked with Rebelmouse. Any link that was posted that was also connected with your twitter account automatically got an excerpt dropped into your Rebelmouse as a post. You can probably tell that I’m heartbroken over Rebelmouse moving to a paid service… lol.


Without going into a full explanation of how to build the 20-30 recipes to bookmark and post your tweet, I will say, that IFTTT is a powerhouse for boosting the twitter’s potential.