Faster Load Times with Image Optimization

16. November 2013 On Page 0
Faster Load Times with Image Optimization

Despite the fact that more Internet clients now have much faster connections, an huge amount of the internet population still have slow connections, at home and especially on mobile devices. In order to keep from excluding them when you’re planning your site, optimizing images through image compression is an extremely important step for improving the load time of your site.  Google and other search engines also give preference to pages with faster load times so image optimization helps with SEO optimization.

There are Image Optimizers available Online

There are many online image editors and optimizers which you can use to fix images to improve load time. Just a few are Dynamic Drive, Imageoptimizer, and Kraken.  There is also free software such as Gimp which works much like Photoshop and can perform these functions and much more.

A Cloud Image Editing Service like Canva can Also Edit and Optimze your Files

By and large, all the content on your site will load quickly even with the slowest internet providers. Large unoptimized images are the main cause for slow loading times in websites. It is important to find a nice balance between a lack of images and so many images that loading takes forever. Websites that load slowly are also more likely to have visitors leave for a site which loads more quickly and easily.

You can remove extra information that is embedded into images by using Photoshop or Pixlr online editor. This information isn’t necessary for use on the web and can greatly affect the size of images. Images online for the most part only display at 72 dpi, with exception for retina screens, this is another area which can be addressed.


My Favorite WP plugin for Optimized Images

My personal choice for optimizing my images in bulk inside WP is EWWW Image Optimizer. EWWW Image Optimzer adds an option in the media section of your WordPress back end.  It’s marked unoptimized images, and clicking it allows you to optimize in bulk any images found to be larger than needed on your website.


If you’re still having issues after optimizing your images check out my other post about 3 plugins I use to speed up my wordpress sites.