competition analysis

My Favorite Tools for Competition Analysis

There are many tools for competition analysis and the big 3 are Moz, Majestic and Ahrefs. I like each of these for different reasons.

Tools to See Power of Competitors Domain


I like Majestic for their TF – trust flow metric, as well as their topical trust flow. They have a large set of backlinks but I think they’re #2 to Ahrefs in that area. The sites they do crawl are more authority sites and since the most value is put on those links from Google their trust flow seems to be a very good metric to look at for analysis. While trust flow is important, I tend to look at the ratio of trust to citations when I analyze with Majestic.


I like Moz for DA, or domain authority. Moz has even less information about backlinks than Majestic but they still seem to have a great system for determining the power of a site which results in the DA. This is the metric I look at first when doing the analysis. This may just be because Majestic hasn’t put out a toolbar for the browser so it’s not as convenient. I do think the DA along with their other metric PA is fairly reliable as far as predicting rankings. There are many times when a site ranking first will have a lower DA but this probably has more to do with many people hiding sites they use to boost rankings from bots.


Ahrefs is my favorite for checking anchor text ratios. They are known to have the largest index of backlinks and I think they are great for backlink analysis especially when looking at competitors or potential clients sites. I like how I can see where the majority of links are coming from. They also have a metric much like Moz’s DA that they refer to as DR and similar to PA which is UR. These are the domain rating and URL rating.

While these are great for competitive analysis I have another set of tools I use when looking to match the competition’s links. Look for more on that to come soon.