Finding and Ranking Local SEO Clients

I had been using a tool to run a service to find local clients in different niches. There is a tool I use to create a list of websites that aren’t mobile friendly from any search. The tool I’m using will check the top 100 sites from any search I input.

The results I’ve been getting from this new tool I’m using have been good. Each search finds about 20-30 sites and about 90% of those are failing the mobile friendly test on Google.  Its not perfect but finding 5 sites that are mobile friendly on the list, and another few sites that aren’t good client prospects isn’t too bad.

So your probably wondering where I found this tool and how you can get it. Well it’s a part of a collection of free tools that I use reguarly. This set of tools is at The specific tool that I had been using for this is the mobile friendly checker. There are a few other tools that can do similar things but since mobilegeddan a few years back prospecting websites that aren’t mobile friendly has given me plenty of clients with older websites needing updates.


How I Use the List: Reaching Out

Using Mobile Site Test for Client Acquasition


I go through the sites one by one, finding an email or phone number. I can then email all the websites with a screenshot of their website failing the mobile friendly test. I can also call the businesses which didn’t have an available email in order to offer a mobile friendly site.  I do not charge much for this service. This is important the point is to get them to become a client have them pay you then when they have some faith in your services you offer SEO.


There are services which you can use to create a mobile friendly version of their website easily. I’ve looked at some of these in the past and they would work fine for any html sites that may prove difficult to manually edit for mobile versions. The Jetpack wordpress plugin will create a mobile version of any wordpress site, or you could change a theme to something responsive if they wanted an update as well.


Landed Local Clients: Now What?

I have a list of citations that I check for local clients in order to help rank them in the ‘snack pack’, but first I will do my due diligence and check link ratios, and site metrics from various sources. Hopefully they don’t have a penalty for us to fix if they do that’s a whole different topic. I create all the local listings in my regular list (about 20 of the top citation sites). If you haven’t created accounts on all of these sites that takes a while so you may prefer to have someone else do your citations. I do them myself but I’ve heard good things from people using Matt Little’s 45 Local Business Citation gig.

*That’s an amazing price for the quality of work he’s providing*


If a site has low trust another thing that can be done is build trusted links. I’ve built Wikipedia links for myself and I know how much research goes into building them to be accepted, and then stick for long term. A client with low DA can benefit from these types of links, it just takes lots of patience and research to build the links. It takes hours of work for a link and then if the research wasn’t done properly and relevance is not good enough the link may be replaced or removed.

There is however a service for wikipedia links as well. These are no-follow links which means they won’t pass link juice they do however make a huge difference in the trust of your site. Raising the trust will help to rank for terms which the snack pack is highly competitive. I wouldn’t do these right off for every local client but if they’re not showing up a month or so after I built out citations I would look to trust building.