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I expanded my expertise in internet marketing by becoming not just a Houston SEO expert but the top-rated Houston video SEO because online video is getting proven results in Google searches and in social media in 2018. As local SEO specialist can help to drive phone calls and conversions and my video ranking techniques help boost the return on investment of other properties.

Search Engine Optimized Website Designs

Our search engine optimized website design will raise your visibility online in the search results. One dental website design we did in January 2018 ranked on the first page just after correcting the main on page issues. As one of the premier search engine marketers in Houston, focusing on cost effectiveness through testing with PPC campaigns is important. Providing websites properly optimized for search since 2011.

I have been performing website design and increasing traffic for clients with Video SEO in Texas since 2011. I create website designs for today that work to increase your rank on Google. All of our websites have responsive designs that are mobile friendly on all devices. As speed is also becoming more and more a factor for ranking websites in search engines, we have put more focus on site speed as well.

SEO Expert for WordPress, Joomla, Magento or Any Platform

I've worked on many different platforms for web design. With digital marketing going hand in hand with website design it was a perfect fit. I started out building websites for a marketing agency and learned how to properly set up and structure a website for optimal rankings. As my role as an SEO consultant grew I began to explore more ways to get results with internet marketing. When choosing a marketing company it is important business owners know the specialist they are working with can help you dominate your competition while maximizing cost-effectiveness.

Houston SEO Expert

I expanded my expertise in internet marketing by becoming one of the Best SEO Houston has to offer as using video is increasingly prevalent in search and in social media. I can help to drive calls and conversions with my video ranking techniques, as well as help boost the rankings of other properties.

If you search for Houston Video Seo you will see my YouTube video ranked #1. I have many videos ranked on the Google search engine results pages for various terms. I can rank YouTube videos for your business in the same way.

I have been creating websites and increasing the visibility of clients with Video Marketing and local SEO in Texas since 2011, getting my start by working with a digital agency creating websites for their clients and optimizing them. I create designs based on the latest trends I am ever evolving my craft. I've worked on many different platforms for web design.

I am ready to create a new SEO optimized website design for your business and help you to get traffic to it through SEO and Video. While ranking YouTube videos is fun and exciting, having a video on your website helps to increase the time on page and engage your visitor. Using video for marketing isn't always about putting them on YouTube or posting them on social media. For affordable Houston SEO, video marketing with Leenhouts is one of the best ways

Video marketing is important for growing businesses who want to get the most out of SEO (search engine optimization) in 2018. Video content is more captivating and is shown to convert as well.

Not only do we handle your video SEO for you, we can provide video production in a variety of ways, from whiteboard videos to animated slideshows, to spokesperson videos. Video is a must in 2018 as part of your marketing solutions. The SEO tactics that can be used with video are much more varied than for websites. We are a leading Houston video marketing company and will set you apart from your competitors, and get you on the first page of Google.

YouTube is the second largest search engine and gets a ton of targeted traffic every day. YouTube videos can be leveraged for plenty of traffic both from Google as well as on YouTube. According to Wordstream 1/3 of online activity is spent watching video.

As an SEO expert I know the ranking factors for different search engines in and out. There are slight differences for various platforms and the landscape is always changing. That is why it takes an seo specialist who focuses on a particular area, such as video seo, to provide the best services for your video marketing campaign.



The #1 rank on Google gets over 35% of the clicks according to a study in 2014. The second and third spot generate just over 20% when combined. If you want more potential customers you need to rank on Google. Video allows for rankings in Google searches and gets a thumbnail in the search results to increase clicks.


Getting the phone calls, orders to be placed, and return on investment is the final objective and we can make small adjustments to the custom websites or landing pages and increase lead generation and help you in dominating your market. We get you rmore potential customers with our local seo and online marketing.


In fast-paced world keeping the attention of potential customers is increasingly difficult. That is why video marketing has become a popular marketing strategy. By connecting with the audience, video, added to a content marketing strategy, is proven to make more conversions. With video, comes the ability to rank in organic search fast and improve engagement.



With our local SEO techniques, we have proven results with covering Google searches with Houston business owners properties. While our marketing agency is working hard on organic search, the quickest way to rank on Google is to get in the 3 pack with local SEO. Our Local Listing Search Optimization gives your Houston business the boost it needs to show up in map searches.


Our techniques for interlinking websites can make a massive difference in the sites ability to rank. We would love to set up the on-page SEO on your website correctly and build a silo system to strengthen your entire domain. Setting page titles, URLs, meta-data, schema data, and content correctly is vital for ranking. Fixing the technical aspects of your website design can provide a tremendous boost in rankings and traffic. 


The hardest part of any SEO campaign is creating powerful relevant backlinks to your website. This usually takes an expert with years of experience to accomplish. We have many different resources we use to accomplish gaining relevant powerful links safely. Getting your website links from local sites in the Houston area is another powerful tool in our arsenal that not only helps with location relevance but also can drive traffic from Houstonians. 



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Houts Graphics creates a simple and effective way for my customers to view Above Ground Pool Service products and service. Also creating easy to communicate with tools. Visual photos and video help to improve the attraction of our company. I highly recommend Hours Graphics for you business advertisement needs.

Chris Brown
***** Great SEO and graphics guy! Pretty much laid out what to expect in a clear and concise manner without too much tech lingo and delivered on his promise.
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Alan is one of the top SEO's in the world. He has helped me a lot with my business and I highly recommend him.
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Top of the line service with these guys! The results speak for themselves! and I recommend them to anyone looking for website design services
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***** You can see from their site that they not only have cutting edge designs but also have an eye for marketing and internet trends. Very easy to work with.
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Great service! Appreciate the passion, design and knowledge around SEO and digital marketing. Highly recommended.
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***** Alan is as knowledgeable as he is helpful and I'm lucky to have met him. He's always ready to do what it takes to help you succeed and it's easy to build trust and feel connected to his business. Thanks for your help so far!
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***** Alan has such a terrific eye for detail. His knowledge is vast and respectable. I would recommend Alan Leenhouts for anyone's business.
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Alan is indeed a killer SEO, he has a analytical approach for everything and that whats makes him different from other guys. Looking forward for a long business relationship

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The absolute best Texas SEO expert. If you need a Texas SEO in Magnolia, Pasadena, Houston SEO or elsewhere you need to hire Houts Graphics to get the job done for you.

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I have never written a review on a service before, but I felt inclined to do it concerning my experience with Alan Leenhouts at Houts Graphics. He basically took my website that was weak and made it awesome!

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Houts Graphics is one of the best web design agencies , they made an excellent job for my business . I highly recommend them to you if you want a good work .

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I had to get a redesign of my site, it was out of date. They built a great new site for me
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They do an amazing job!
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