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87% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool, find out how we can help your business with video.


Video & Local SEO for YOUR Houston Business

Will this work for YOU?

One of my clients wanted to grow his Houston area business so he could get out of the hot, long hours, work environment he was stuck in. Just 6 months later he had no choice but to quit that job and nearly triple his income due to the work Leenhouts SEO did getting his business ranked.


And his business isn't just being seen. He's getting calls every day, not just from this listing but also from the Social Media work that has been done.

Calls from Google my Business

And now he has the ability to refuse customers for a week and take a cruise when he wants. Does your business need more calls every day?


Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine

Why You Should Work With A Houston Video Ranking Expert


The top listing on google gets over 35% of the clicks according to a study in 2014. The second and third spot generate just over 20% when combined. If you want that business you need to be on top. Video allows for quick rankings as well as an image in the search results to increase action.


Getting the phone to ring, orders to be placed, and people in the door is the final objective and we can make small adjustments to the website or landing pages to increase results. We are a results driven business and understand it is actions not clicks that matter.


In this fast-paced world keeping the attention of prospective clients and customers is increasingly difficult. That is why video marketing has become so popular. By connecting with the audience video is proven to make more conversions. With video, comes the ability to rank quickly as well as improve engagement.



Our specialized techniques have been used to get properties listing your business covering the top spots on Google. While you're waiting for your on and off-site SEO work to kick in, the quickest way to get on the first page of Google is to get in the 3 pack. Our Local Listing Optimization gives your business the boost it needs to show up in map searches.


Our techniques for interlinking websites can make a massive difference in the sites ability to rank. We would love to set up your on-page SEO correctly and build a silo system to strengthen your entire website. Setting page titles, URLs, meta-data, schema data, and content correctly is vital for ranking.


The hardest part of any SEO campaign is creating powerful relevant backlinks. This usually takes an expert with years of experience to accomplish. We have many different resources we use to accomplish gaining relevant powerful links safely.


SEO and Video Marketing Expert Houston

By expanding my expertise in not just SEO but in Video Marketing I am able to capture leads from social media as well as the search engines. Video is found in both the search results as well as social media. My goal is to drive traffic, sales and leads from those that use it. By using videos to drive leads this gives me an edge over the competition I am able to rank more quickly. These quick ranking give our clients better ROI at a faster rate.

With social media marketing, there is more engagement with video than any other form of media. Which is why it's important to understand and produce great videos. Places such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram platforms get huge views on a well-done video. These same videos lead to faster ranking as well. Since YouTube videos rank very well and quickly in Google as it is an entity of Google itself.

The videos will hold their rankings long term, however, they don't just get search engine rankings, YouTube itself is also a great platform to be ranking in. Which is why we will optimize your video for not just Google but for YouTube as well. This will get leads coming in from both search engines at the same time. And, depending on the niche, YouTube can bring in more traffic than that of Google or the other search engines as well. The goal is to get you more leads as quickly as possible.

By doing video marketing you will be seen in more places with more opportunity for better conversions. With the leads coming in, this will increase the overall ranking of the video as well as any other online entities of the company.

#1 SEO Video Expert In Houston

By doing a simple search for Video SEO expert you'll find my page on the first page of Google. I've been working hard and studying alongside colleague SEO experts on how to put my own videos to the top of Google as well as YouTube and have perfected this strategy well. I've done this with various terms that are based around Houston and SEO and am one of the top video SEO specialists.

Over the years of studying, I've perfected this internet marketing strategy and am willing to do this for your company as well. Our SEO agency can use video ranking can bring new clients to your business every month through both video and local search. As a business owner you know potential clients are looking for your service. Why not be the first listing they see. You will have more clicks and conversions with a good video marketing strategy.

The Local SEO Houston Can Count On!

Since 2011 I've been working on creating and marketing for my client's Video marketing as well as local SEO specialist. I first started to work in this area by building SEO optimized websites for a Houston SEO agency.

Over the years I've worked with the various software and kept up with the various trends with website design as well as search engine analysis. I've worked to perfect my skill set and offer some amazing website looks that are very professional and easy for conversions.

Web Design that is SEO Optimized

There are web designers out there that build beautiful websites that will never be found in the search engines. The idea that if you build it the customers will flock to see you is not really the case. The website must be optimized to rank in the search engines. And, that is something that not all designers know or understand how to do. However, I design websites with search engine optimization in mind for my clients.

Having a website that has a nice video on the page will increase the time that visitor is on the page and help with engagement. Sure, ranking videos in Google and YouTube is fun and exciting, it isn't just the only thing I do to help my clients get more traffic and conversations. I also work with their websites to get better engagement and ranking.

Why care about Video Marketing?

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine? Yes, that is correct, there is a ton of traffic to be had there. This is why having a well designed and optimized video will help drive traffic leads. This traffic is looking for a product or service and you are right in front of them with your well designed video.

My Knowledge and Experience works

Over the years I have studied and perfected what the various search engines are looking for. Each search engine has its own inner workings that take knowledge to understand as well as it is an ever-changing platform as well. This is why it is important for a business to hire a person that knows and understands how video marketing works. It is a different level of marketing than some other digital agencies offer. The slight differences in the platforms along with the ever-changing landscape ensures that not everyone can or will master this. To provide the very best services for my clients I have mastered video marketing as well as:

  • On Page SEO strategies
  • Creating a better user experience
  • Branding Factors
  • Off-Page Marketing Strategies

I will take a look at your particular niche and see where the best traffic and leads are coming from. We will then come up with a plan to harvest those leads through our marketing strategy to get the most calls, sales and leads to you.

Video is used by 87% of Online Marketers

Video is more captivating to audiences and gives you a better user experience. In 2019, video marketing is becoming more and more popular because it works! And, this is why having a video marketing expert on your team is important for sales and marketing.

Types of Video

There are all different types of video production we can do with minimal effort on your part. There are whiteboard videos, which are animated drawings done on a whiteboard with the information we want to display to your clients.

Animated slideshows are great for some niches as well. This is where a simple animation video talks about your services and options for your possible future clients. Many times these are called explainer videos along with the whiteboard videos. And, are a simple but effective way to get your point across.

And, spokesperson videos. These videos have lifelike real people that are actually animations that will "talk" throughout the video and explain your products or services. These are done through the computer and you don't have to have anyone actually there in your office or business location speaking. They are very lifelike and very effective.

Improve your Online Presence

If you are looking to improve your online presence you have come to the right place. Tired of not getting any leads from your website or need a new website design altogether, let me know. Here at Leenhouts SEO, we work with our clients to actually get them the results that they deserve. I have many years of painstakingly learning through trial and error of what techniques actually do work and still work in 2019 and am willing to go to work for you.

My clients are often surprised at how quickly video marketing can help them get their phone ringing. Video marketing has quicker results and shorter turnaround times on ROI. This service is a great way to test my skills and see if we are a great fit to further market your company with a better SEO plan and website design as well. Should you have any questions give me a call or drop an e-mail and I'll be happy to assist.