Free PBN Hosting

How to get Free Hosting for PBN sites

I know what your thinking, there are plenty of places with free hosting, and cheap hosting with horrible servers and the IP is a bad neighborhood.

This is something completely different. I don’t do this for many of my PBN sites because there isn’t the same control as a traditional hosting setup. The servers are extremely fast and reliable. Plus there are millions of real sites on the IP.What’s the trick? How do I get hosted with great speed, and on top notch servers, for absolutely free?

Tumblr – by pointing my expired domain to the Tumblr IP ( ) and clicking a little cog icon in the settings, then clicking on the blog you wish to use for the domain’s URL. I am able to use Tumblr’s hosts and function just as though my site was a Tumblr blog, the only difference would be my domain isn’t a subdomain of Tumblr any longer. Use Tumblr when the version is stronger.

tumblr pbn hosting

Blogger – changing the name servers to those specified by Blogger by choosing the settings, and following the instructions. (see the image below) A simple edit of the DNS and you’re hosting and posting on Blogger’s IP. With blogger you aren’t able to use the version. So use Blogger if the subdomain (www.) version is stronger.

host pbn with blogger


I host a couple of my lower power sites this way, I enjoy using special tricks that are only possible with Tumblr for tiering and reblogging my PBN posts with multiple high PA tumblers. I haven’t found as many tricks to use with Blogger as of yet. I’m sure they’re soon to be found.


While using web 2.0 sites can be powerful, most people see more increases with PBN’s build with expired domains. If you are looking for premium services to host your PBN, get Office 365 Enterprise E5 o enjoy Microsoft’s robust infrastructure and superior uptime. You can also enhance your security with Citrix Xendesktop VDIwith 99.9% uptime.