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How WhatsApp Gateway Helps in Customer Communication?

There is no denying the ease of doing business online. Enterprises have equal or more number of customers who make purchases online, compared to the ones who buy offline. With the increase in the use and dependency on the internet, why not use the same technology to expand the business and achieve customer retention and customer loyalty.

Whatsapp Gateway

Regular interaction and communication with the customers will result in better business. But not irritating the customers is also equally important. In such situations, interacting via messages is a preferable option. Customers and the target audience can check the messages whenever they are free.

WhatsApp is one such messaging app with more than 1.5 billion users across the globe. The app has become a success because of the features it provides, making communication easy and interesting. WhatsApp has started an app exclusively for business enterprises. Small, medium, and large scale businesses can use WhatsApp Gateway to connect WhatsApp Business with their system and send messages to customers at any time of the day.

Companies provide the platform to enterprises necessary for the API integrations. One platform can be used to integrate with multiple communication channels. The service providers handle the integration process, setting up of the database to send messages, connecting database with the gateway, grouping customers into customized groups, sending messages on behalf of the enterprise, load-balancing, making sure the messages are resent until the customers receive them, and taking care of any glitches that might arise. They also create bots which can act as a substitute for the support staff by sending automated replies and answering basic questions to keep the customer engaged.

Here are some of the benefits of using WhatsApp Gateway to interact with customers and the target audience.


  • Plan and schedule recurring campaigns.
  • Use the features provided by WhatsApp to send attractive, interesting, and engaging content.
  • Send timely updates, reminding customers about a new product or a service.
  • Interact with customers by responding to their queries immediately.
  • Set up Sequences
  • Preset a sequence of messages that can be triggered by user events.
  • Each time the defined action takes place, the sequence of scheduled messages will be activated and sent to the customers.
  • For example, when there is a new user registration, messages will be delivered to the user about the details of the enterprise or whatever the management wants their new customers to know.

Transaction Alerts or Notifications

  • Connect with the backend system of the enterprise and send event-based notifications to customers.
  • Immediate update about order booking, confirmation, delivery, payment, etc. can be sent directly from the backend database using the API integration services.

Send Broadcast Messages

  • The broadcast feature helps in sending messages in bulk to customers.
  • Use labels to categorize customers and send personalized messages.
  • The messages can be sent to any part of the world at any time.

Targeted Promotions

  • Use the personal preferences and product history of customers to send them personalized messages with offers, deals, and discounts.
  • Targeted promotions have shown positive results many times. Using WhatsApp to send these has an added advantage of allowing the customers to ask questions and make the purchase from the same chatbox.

Embed Media

  • WhatsApp allows users to send and receive images, audio files, video, documents, etc.
  • This enables the enterprises to send pictures and promotional videos of a new product or a service to customers.
  • It has been found that a picture is an effective way to encourage a user to make a purchase.

Interactive Messages

  • Let bots respond to queries or send automated replies and keep a record of all messages received from customers.
  • The support staff can take over any time and continue with providing information about a product or a query or a complaint.

Web Dashboard

  • Keep track of messages, logs, monitor activities, content, etc. using the interactive dashboard.

The secure end to end encryption will ensure data security. The individual chatboxes will keep each conversation private. This will help in maintaining a detailed chat history for every customer.

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