Do Images Increase Interaction on Social Media?

20. September 2017 Web 2.0 0
Do Images Increase Interaction on Social Media?

Images are important for Social Media for a few different reasons. Visual content gets more views and interaction on Social media but it’s hard to keep track of what size images go where. Depending on what you use to create your images some tools have canvas sizes set up for a few social media image sizes.

Top Three Tools I use to create Social Media Images

I use a few different tools to create images for social media posting, one of my favorites is Adobe spark. Adobe spark has options for the images for different youtube and facebook image sizes, though it doesn’t have quite the amount of information as the infographic below for sizes.


Canva is another good tool for creating social media images. Along with tools on a computer more and more I find myself finding apps that can do the tool of a full blown computer program pretty simply. These aren’t mind blowing photo editing tools but they get the job done simply enough. I use a handfull of them so I won’t go over them all in this post.


The third online editing tool I use for creating images for social media is Its a free photoshop like tool in your browser. It does take a little more work as you’re actually creating your images from scratch when you use this tool but the possibilities with it are worth it especially if you know what you’re doing with graphics.

How Much Do Images Increase Social Engagement?

I tend to see about 2x to 3x the amount of engagement when I add an image to a social media post. With such a big increase it’s a no brainer that spending the $5 or the 10 minutes it takes to create a nice image is worth it. Of course I prefer video, but it’s not always necessary to create a video. Sometimes a post just needs a nice image to grab some attention, which can lead to a landing page, or a video, or just to create some interaction.


Image Courtesy Gregory Ortiz Digital Marketing