Keyword Research Browser Extensions & More: [Keywords Everywhere]

Keywords, Keywords Everywhere!!!

In this post I’m going to talk about finding the keyword search volume that everyone is missing from adwords. It’s actually very easy to find. I’ve heard of many paid tools people are using that still give search volumes.   I’m going to go over plently of free keyword tools giving you search volumes and more.  The problem is most of the time when people are asking it’s for research and they may not have those keyword tools.

What are my Favorite Keyword Browser Extensions?

Ok well there are two browser extensions that I really like for keyword research. Mostly because of the speed that they work. I’ll go over what they are and how I use each one.

SeoStack Keyword Tool Browser Extension for Chrome

SeoStack This tool works much like ubersuggest but is much more of a one click and you’re done kind of tool. It works best with single or two word phrases, but it finds related keywords very quickly. You can choose different sources, and while the keyword and CPC volume is there it will use your ip to retrieve the information so I don’t like to use it for bulk checks of volume. You can enter a few different keywords and quickly get tons of related keywords.

SeoStack Keyword Tool Browser Extension


Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension

Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension

Keywords Everywhere This tool quickly finds the search volumes and CPC with bulk checking. It uses an api to grab the data so getting blocked isn’t an issue.

keywords everywhere

This is some of what the keywords everywhere tool does. In the image above you can see the CPC, Search volume as well as the Competition. This is the just the beginning. This tool also shows this data for the related searches in the bottom of the serps.

keywords everywhere search volume

Keywords Everywhere, that Means YouTube too RIGHT?

Sadly Keywords Everywhere doesn’t work on YouTube right now. I didn’t check with Bing or Yahoo but I’m guessing that it doesn’t work there either.

Favorite Browser Extension for YouTube Keyword Research is VidIQ

VidIQ Well actually my absolute favorite is the YouTube suggestions, but that doesn’t really count as a browser extension. VidIQ lets you see the competition of the search terms related to a query that you’ve put into the YouTube search. VidIQ isn’t without stiff competition though. Another extension called TubeBuddy is very powerful as well. I already use VidIQ so I haven’t bothered with checking TubeBuddy out but I’ve seen it recommended by some guys doing big things on YouTube.

I love that I can see the top related search keywords as well as their competition. The competition and the search volume of the term that I searched as well. The information gets even more useful when you’re looking at a video you’ve already uploaded.


Where Keyword Research Browser Extensions are Lacking

While these keyword browser extensions are great for finding the CPC and volumes of these keywords and key phrases there is still competition analysis to think of. Keywords everywhere does give you a competition value however, I like to check multiple sources for this information.


The two above tools can help you build a list of possible targets and help to narrow them down by being able to see the volume and CPC there are assumptions you can make. If the CPC is high you can assume that the keyword has buyer intent or regularly drives some kind of conversion. If it did not it wouldn’t have the value that it did. Search volume can tell you a bit about the potential of that term for conversions when ranked, a term with a high CPC but low search volume wouldn’t be the greatest SEO target.


Cloud Based Keyword Research Tools


While I have had keyword research tools right there on my desktop, there are plenty of cloud based solutions showing up that give great analysis of various keywords. Let’s dive right in and see what the differences may be. The one’s I will mention are,, This is the first cloud based solution that I started to use regularly for competition analysis. This search used the questions tab to find out what people are asking about ‘keyword research’. This will likely be the post with the most keyword research put into it that I’ve done in quite a while.

Here you can see the trends, the search volumes, the CPC, and PPC (which is the competition in advertising from 1-100). It also has the calculation of their own difficulty score. While I really like this tool the free plan is a bit limited. I have Market Samurai that I use on desktop for heavy keyword research.


On the right there’s a breakdown of the serps, the links and power of each site. You can see that and are actually showing up for the term ‘keyword research’ on the first page. This tells you a bit about how much they’ve been mentioned as powerful keyword research tools.– I see that this is mentioned in the first page under keyword research, and I believe I’ve used this in the past. When I went to run analysis with the tool I see blurred statistics. With so many other options that are at least giving limited access for free to build a user base I would think that they’d do the same.

keyword research limited results– This is another tool that showed up on the first page for ‘keyword research and while I hadn’t done much with it before today I decided to take a look.

cloud based keyword research

The thing I like about this is that you can add the keywords to the other column and export a file with the information. It gives you a SEO value of the keyword which tells you what the CPC value of raning #1 would be. 30-40% click rate multiplied by the search volume and the CPC. This is similar to one of the columns that I like to pay attention to in Market Samurai.– This is one of my new go to tools for keyword research. I’ve been using it along with the two browser extensions I mention above for all my normal keyword analysis. Keyword research

You can see that this tool does research in many different areas. You could actually use it to optimize a fiverr gig for keywords!!! I wonder if they’ll add at some point…


This tool works with autocomplete to find long tails. While it doesn’t show keyword competition I haven’t ever had an issue with being limited. This makes it nice when I’m creating or optimizing muliple articles in one sitting without having to go through the heavy data that Market Samurai pulls.

I have basically started using this instead of SeoStack to find keywords to target. Then I’ll optimize articles based on the information that I can get with the bulk check of keywords everywhere.

Conclusion about Keyword Research Tools:

There are too many tools to choose from! Ok well I just told you what I’ve been doing up to now.

Will this change with some of the research I’ve done during the writing of this article? 

Probably, I am thinking that I could integrate some of the other cloud solutions in my finding terms to target, as well as using kwfinder to run additional competition analysis.