Managing Web 2.0 Network with FCS networker

First things First, What is Web 2.0 in SEO?

Web 2.0 sites for SEO are blogs that you can build for free on many different domains just by registering. When you register you will get a free subdomain which you can then use to post articles, pictures and videos on. Some of the most popular ones are Tumblr, WordPress, and Weebly, but there are tons of them that can be used in this way. Most create subdomains but some do create a folder on the domain and your blog rests in that portion of the site. An example of one of those is rebelmouse. Your site on rebelmouse looks like www.rebelmouse.com/alan_leenhouts/ instead of being a subdomain.

How about a Web 2.0 Blog List

In bold are my favorites for finding expired domains which already have powerful links. These are also in my opinion the best web 2.0 sites for backlinks.

  • 4shared
  • Academia
  • All4webs
  • Angelfire
  • Beep
  • Blackplanet
  • Blogcom
  • Blogspot
  • Blogigo
  • Bloxpl
  • Box
  • Bravenet
  • Calameo
  • Canalblog
  • DailyStrength
  • Diigo
  • Disqus
  • Edublogs
  • Evernote
  • Gaiaonline
  • Getjealous
  • Gett
  • Hatena
  • Hazblog
  • Issuu
  • Jigsy
  • Kiwibox
  • Livejournal
  • Miarroba
  • Mozello
  • Overblog
  • Ownfreewebsite
  • Penzu
  • Postbit
  • PureVolume
  • Rebelmouse
  • Scribd
  • Shutterfly
  • Skyrock
  • Snackwebsites
  • Snappages
  • SOSBlogs
  • Soup
  • Travelpod
  • Tumblr
  • Unblog
  • Wallinside
  • Webgarden
  • Webnode
  • Webs
  • Weebly
  • Wikidot
  • WordPress
  • Yola
  • Yudu

Most of these FCS networker can actually create for you with their web 2.0 site creation software. The ones it cannot create it can still manage posts to. The blogger or blogspot sites are a bit more tricky but they can be done as well.

What was I Doing to Manage My Web 2.0 Blog Sites

Many of you may know that I had been using Onlywire, in coordination with IFTTT to manage my web 2.0 network. Well I finally decided that web 2.0’s are effective enough in combination with PBNs when used correctly and wanted to expand. This meant moving on from Onlywire to a more fully realized solution.

FCS is a Robust Web 2.0 Poster and Much More

I’m talking about FCS networker. FCS has all the bells and whistles I was missing and it’s making life much easier. It allows me to manage hundreds or thousands of web 2.0s from one interface and I’m pretty sure I will be upgrading my account soon to accommodate more posts per month.

I have been claiming high PA Tumblr and expired twitter accounts and importing them into FCS quite easily. The importing process is quick and painless, there’s auto generation for content or you can use super spun articles. The amount of depth in FCS really makes it super useful and easy to use.

FCS can do various anchor texts and spin articles, something that Onlywire was lacking and that it really should have. With FCS it is easy to create a percentage of branded, generic, or url anchor texts. I can choose the number of links to place inside each article as a range, 1-2 or 0-4. I’m not sure how many it allows but I wouldn’t usually put more than 2 in any case.

FCS will also grab relevant images to place in the articles making the blogs very nice looking.

Get Web 2.0 Backlinks from My Powerful Network on Source-Market

I’m updating my web 2.0 posts on Source-market to be used with FCS now. I’ve still got a few months left with Onlywire but I don’t think i’ll be using it to post any longer. FCS allows for tiering of posts on different networks and has a tool to create new accounts. After just a few days I have over 500 accounts at my disposal. This doesn’t even include the over 100 social accounts I’ve created and imported.

At creation with each network I do a dry run for purposes of warming up the properties and bringing some authority. I do several posts with authority links and allow the sites to begin to have some trust before sending links to my sites or my tiers.

The Absolute Best Would be Manual Web 2.0

Manually built web 2.0 look very nice and after priming them with quality articles they can be a powerful tool to help rank money sites or even function as money sites. The domain authority of web 2.0 sites makes them a bit harder to get knocked down and helps them to rank more quickly than a new domain. A hand built web 2.0 site can later on be managed with FCS networker as well and still maintain its hand built look when done correctly. Another way to go about it is by creating a set of BRANDED accounts with the FCS account creator. Then logging in and making sure these sites are built nicely and completely flushed out.