On Page

Setting your On Page SEO correctly is about structure. Setting the right variations of the keywords for each of the various aspects of the page.

The most important factors to include keywords, LSI versions, and long tail terms are below.

On Page SEO Optimization Factors

  • Title Tags
  • URL slug
  • H1 - H4 tags
  • Image file name
  • Image Alt text
  • Internal link texts

So proper optimization isn't simply repeating the keyword in each of these places. Variety in the keywords used will help to rank for more long tail versions of the keyword and get the most traffic for the page.

Title Tag Setup for On Page SEO

The way that I like to set up on page is with the keyword somewhere towards the front of the title. I will likely add modifiers before or after, as well as sometimes adding a secondary keyword in the title. For example the home page of this site has a title of 'Texas Video SEO Expert & Digital Marketer - Alan Leenhouts SEO'. So if you look closely you'll see that the keywords Texas Video SEO, or Video SEO Expert are prominent and toward the beginning of the title tag.

On Page SEO and the Url Slug