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Optimizing Meta Tags: Do Keyword Tags Matter?

So I’ve known for some time that Google doesn’t take into account keyword meta tags. They publicly stated as much and you can feel free to check GoogleWebmasterCentral.  I like what Yaro Stark has to say about them “Meta keywords are a legacy of web 1.0 and are slowly being phased out completely. Your title tags, heading tags and content play a much more important role.” The general consensus in a discussion on Moz suggests that competitors can easily see which keywords you’re targeting if you place them in meta keywords, and that Bing actually sees it as an attempt to manipulate the Serps.

What Has Changed with On Page SEO

On page SEO has changed in the last 10 years, along with everything else related to SEO. Search engines continue to reward more audience motivated content and attempt to keep people from building their sites pages in a way that gives them an unfair advantage. No more keyword stuffing, or heavy lists of keywords in the footer, those things will kill your rankings. No more bold or underlined keywords every time it shows up in your content, and no more meta keywords.

Powerful On Page SEO Techniques

For some things that are newer and important as far as on page goes, look for geo-tagging images, and continue to use image alt tags. Adding schema to your pages, and having relevant title tags, and url continue to be strong factors. Interlinking of pages, often called a silo, is also very effective for building the strength of the entire domain of a site.