How to find deleted twitter accounts with

There are few ways to find deleted Twitter and Facebook accounts such as using Scrapebox or a similar scraper but I’m going to explain method in this first part.

Because it’s much easier for you and you’re able to find fresher accounts by this way.

Let’s get started with required tools

  • account.
  • account with a premium plan. Because you need to analyse the URLs in bulk.
  • Excel or something similar.
  • Patience like a Saint ?

Relation between dropping domains and social properties

If a company goes bankrupt or a startup fails, they usually shut down their social accounts as well as the websites to keep the bad reputation away.

And some of them use their company / website names as a social account URL.

Obviously, our first goal is to identify these failed organizations’ websites, we will then turn these domain names into Twitter URLs.

Let’s head to

More than 80k domain expires each day and we have to gather all URLs in an Excel worksheet (or a similar software.)

But let’s filter them first. Because we don’t want to check each one of them blindly.


arrowGo to “Additional” tab.



Then tick the box “Twitter available” and apply the change.

This will take out all the domains with the live Twitter account. (Around 10.000 in our case)



Now we’ve ended up with 50k domains.


I usually sort them out by Domain Authority. You can do the same. But you may need to customize your columns first.

arrowNow you can download them as a simple text file. This will give you only the domain names, just like we want.


arrowOpen your “.txt” file with Excel.


arrowNext we have to get rid of the domain extensions.

Press CTRL + F and “Find and Replace” screen will appear.

arrowOpen the replace tab.

Enter “.**” for the first line and leave blank the second line. Then click on Replace all.
(Sorry for the software language. I couldn’t change it.)

This will delete all extensions and will leave only domain names.


Now it’s time to turn all domain names into Twitter URLs.

But move column A to B first.


Enter “ “ into to first cell (A1).


There are 30k domain names in our Excel file, therefore, we need 30k Twitter URLs.

Now, select the first cell.

Click on the bottom right corner of the cell and drag down.arrowexpiredtwitter11

This will clone your first cell as many as you want.

Of course, we want 30k in this case. So we need to clone 30k times. It takes around 30 – 45 seconds.arrow

Now we have 30k rows of URLs and domain names. It’s time to combine two columns into one.expiredtwitter12arrow

Select cell C1, copy-paste the code below and press enter.




Then you’ll get the entire URL automatically:


Again, we have to clone this code 30k times.

Click on the bottom right corner of the C1 and drag down.


Now copy your entire C column and paste into a different Excel sheet or text file.

Finally, we’ve got what we want! There may be a fancy way to combine the columns, but I’m not an Excel guy.

Anyway, it’ll be easier once you get comfortable with it.




Just kidding… There’s no fun here ?

I’m assuming you have a Majestic account.

If so, open Majestic’s bulk link checker tool and upload your txt file.


Accept the charges to begin the process


You’ll be redirected to “Downloads” page. Wait around 3 minutes and refresh the page. Now you can download link analysis of 30k Twitter URLs.

In this study, I found 4 deleted Twitter accounts with backlinks, now just repeat entire process with another extensions ?

If you get lucky you can find up to 10-30 domains a day with this method. But you need to check other TLDs too.



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