Plumbing Website Case Study

11. July 2015 News 0
Plumbing Website Case Study

So we’re running a case study and we’ve been at it since 7/7 and it is currently 7/11.  We are 4 days into the ranking process, and I’m going to break down exactly what we’ve done.  EXACTLY!!!  The first day I fixed the on site issues.  The Site wasn’t optimized to rank for the town where the plumber is located.  I changed the title tags of the website to plumber (town ST) – sitename.  I also made sure to add titles and alt text to the images which are on the front page.  There are 3 images and the alt texts are ‘plumbing (town)’, ‘(town ST) plumber’, and ‘(town ST) plumbing’.  This is all the on page I did.  If there were more pages involved or a blog portion I would have interlinked the pages, siloing the website.



Since I already had some established PBN websites related to the topic I went ahead and built one new page.  The first post I linked was about a water filter install and contained 2 links to the site One was a branded link, and one was a longer version of the main keyword. I also outsourced some bookmarking with branded anchor texts to prevent any issues with specific anchor texts in my links. Above is the ranking increase after 2 days.

The Results so Far

beginning ranks

ranks after 2 days

On the left is the rankings I strugged to even find in the beginning of the project. On   the right is the rankings I had achieved after 2 days of work.  This will be an ongoing study and I will be showing much more in terms of rankings very soon. Today 2 more PBN links were built.  Both of the articles containing the links have 2 links, branded and specific anchor text.  These each point to different pages, the branded link going to the home page and the specific anchor pointing to a service article.  We will see results from those links in the next couple days.  We have not done any of our normal local listings, map listings, citations, etc etc.  We would normally be attempting to rank multiple listings along with the website but we are not creating those parasite pages for this study.