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Rank and Rent Plugin: Source Flood Review

There’s a new plugin out from Source-wave which makes building many pages for local markets much easier. After using the Source-Flood plugin to create over 50 pages for a niche site, just last night. 2 of these pages have already begun to move up in the serps at #91(38% competition) and #40(28% competition). The domain is an old domain which has 18 backlinks from 4 domains, and a TF 9/19 CF, not great but I registered it not even knowing it was expired at the time. This is a free plugin available, one of many to come, released only to Source University members.

New Source Flood Fork for Faster Silo

While it was neat to figure out how to make Source-Flood function as a directory builder with my own silos. I saw that it took quite a while to do. Since I learned so much in the building of my lightbox plugin which is available on alanleenhouts.com. I decided to see if I couldn’t make Source-Flood work the way I wanted.
I made two changes to how it works for my own use and I’m debating adding in more functionality and releasing it. The first thing I did was to make it flood posts instead of pages. There are two reasons for this, I wanted the category functionality without adding extra plugins, and I wanted to be able to use RSS feeds as triggers for IFTTT. The second part I have to give credit to Chris for, as it’s something he did with Workhorse.


The second thing I did was make when a category is chosen for a flood post, the category will be chosen for all the current floods. This makes my life so much easier as far as getting the posts into the correct category. Now I can post 500 flood pages and know they’re going into the correct category.


Does Source-Flood Still Work in 2019?

I’ve been asked this multiple times and while I know there are a few of my old flood sites still ranking. I wanted to run a new one and let you guys know how the new version of Source-Flood is working.


Since I don’t have Source CCS I will have to use my own FREE lightbox plugin, and manually keep track of the rentals. I will see how this goes at first but since the site should rent out more than 50 pages at some point I may have to get the service then. I did like what I saw about CSS’s audit tools and the reporting for clients as well. I don’t have the best software for that right now. I have the pro version of Traffic Travis but it’s speed is severely lacking.

Advanced Source Flood Tutorial Below:

Building the Silo Structure in a Few Clicks



With a few links from my PBN’s and social signals from SuperstarSEO, I’m sure that I can get the pages on my rank and rent site moving up much faster since, after less than 24 hours I already have pages showing in the top 50 (and probably much higher that I don’t know about).  I used the ahref’s position tracker to determine if any pages were showing up. I will only show larger search volume terms so I probably don’t know about many second page rankings for some of the lower search volume terms targeted.