Rank & Rent Plugin For FREE

Some of you may know that I was working on a plugin a while back to help with the rank and rent method. Well I didn’t give up on it entirely but I did get pretty busy with other projects that kept me from spending time on it. I bet your thinking.

Wait you made it yourself?

Well yes, but I did use other plugins as guides as well as many tutorials to figure out a ton of what I didn’t know about php. So I’m going through the finishing touches and nearly ready for launching it. It’s a lightbox much like x-ray serp,  and double agent, used on a rank and rent website.

So it’s an X-ray Serp or Double-Agent Alternative? Yep…

X-ray Serp and Double agent are both notorious for being buggy and also expensive. There’s also Source CCS which does much more than my simple Rank n Rent plugin but is also a high monthly cost. My setup is a plugin that you simply install on your website and gives you a field in each page or post to insert a url. A monkey could do it, if he could build a website and edit a field of metadata…

Wait what’s a metadata field?

Ok I see you’re new to this but if you need a rank n rent plugin I guess you’ve got something showing in the search results… How’s this I’ll just show you a picture of what you fill out….

You can see the image up there ^^^ Well the url that was inserted was CNN.com. You just simply put http://targetsite.com or https://targetsite.com into that field to lighbox that website over your page or post. It’s that simple and it just works.

But what about Mobile Devices?

Yea we have that covered too, now we’re not magicians if the website that is being lightboxed isn’t mobile friendly we can’t do anything about that (except make them a redesign offer for their site, it is 2018), but as long as their website is mobile friendly our plugin works well on all the devices we’ve done testing with.

Ok so we’ve not done extensive testing with older devices but on current iphones and androids we’ve seen great results.

Why haven’t you shown me where to get this yet?

It sounds AMAZING…

Yea it is…AND I DECIDED TO RELEASE IT FREE!!! It is available now HERE.

What kind of sites is this Overlay Plugin Good for?

Site’s that have been build with Workhorse, Serplify, and Source Flood, as well as the old school SerpShaker websites all can benefit from this plugin. It can make selling SEO services a no brainer once you’ve got a large site ranking for a few terms. Install Rank n Rent and start overlaying websites.

Rank and Rent 2018 – WordPress Overlay Plugin


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When you get in touch with someone on page 3 or 4 and tell them their website is showing on the first page of Google would they like to keep that ranking for $$$ per month. It’s a much easier thing than asking for 6 months to be able to rank their website.

Why else would I use it?

Well maybe you’re promoting a CPA offer and have a number 1 ranking. It is getting traffic but you want to send the traffic directly to the site with your affiliate marketing offer, instead of your 2000 word article explaining the benefits and downfalls of that particular product. With the lightbox plugin you’re able to show the CPA offer right there. There’s no need to hope you’re website pushes them over to the offer. When you’re traffic hits it’s right to their conversion optimized page.

Don’t you think conversions would increase if there’s less in the way for them to get the deal?

Ok I’ve rambled long enough about how to use this plugin and how it can help you. If you’ve got a directory style site you’re renting or using for local lead generation and you’re paying too much for a poor performing plugin you know what to do.