Local Search Engine Optimization


SEO Backlinks to Raise Page Rank and Build Page Authority

Backlinks from trusted websites build your website’s reputation.  Search engine rankings are like a popularity contest, and backlinks are the votes.  Not all backlinks have a positive effect on your search results, and that is why you need an SEO to get you to the top.  Houts Graphics has researched this for you and found the good sources to give your website the boost in rankings that it deserves.

Pyramid Backlinks Strengthen Your Search Results

Building a pyramid type link system is highly valuable to rankings when it is done correctly.  Houts Graphics can build strong backlinks for your website, then support them with numerous, less powerful links that will strengthen your tier one links.  By creating these links with the correct ratio of terms, Houts Graphics will optimize the pyramid specifically for your key search terms.


Be found in Map Listings

Getting your business information and website to show up on Google maps and other search engine map results can be a daunting process if you do not know what you’re doing.  Simply listing your business in Google places isn’t enough.  Houts Graphics just recently  relocated, and was able to make the adjustments to rank high locally just weeks after the move was completed.

Local Listings Drive Business

There are many services that offer to fix your local listings for a monthly fee.  Houts Graphics provides local listings for a one time fee.  There are hundreds of sites who have local listings.  Houts Graphics will optimize your listings in 30+, 100+, 200+, or even 300+ of these local business directories for a one time fee.  Prices are from .50 per listing, or less for the larger listing packages.  Get found locally and generate more walk in business.


On Page Optimization strengthens a Websites Rankings

By performing the research necessary to produce a list of keywords and LSIs we can then use those terms in the correct arrangement on a website we are optimizing. LIS (Latent semantic indexing) keywords are terms that produce the same search engine results as the main keyword.  Using the same keyword multiple times for the most powerful positions can get your website penalized.  So we use variations and longer versions to avoid penalty and rank for more terms as well.

Head tags, Meta tags, Title tags oh my

There are many places where everyone knows to place the keywords when optimizing a website, but there are also many places that are not utilized and therefore a weakness in optimizing.  Some of these places where Houts Graphics will correct on site issues would be image titles, image title tags, image alt tags.  It is also important to have an interlinking strategy to spread the power of the website to the inner pages as well.  By using all of these techniques we can make your website more hold more authority and rank better.