SEO Case Study: Event DJ Site

22. February 2016 News 0
SEO Case Study: Event DJ Site

So quite a while back I built this site for a friend very quickly and showed him how to make adjustments. He just wanted a place to showcase some of his stuff and have somewhat of a portfolio of his work. He is an event DJ but wasn’t showing up or getting any traffic to his website. I asked if he was interested in having me help but he wasn’t really able to afford me.

So since this is a friend I decided to use his site as a case study. The on page is a mess, there are essentially no backlinks, and nearly no citations.

Steps to Ranking this Site

  • get branded links, and naked url links going to the site along with a small amount of targeted anchor links
  • fix the on page (complete overhaul) create silos and an interlinking strategy
  • Get more content (most pages have 50 words or less on them currently)
  • build PBN links about 2 per week with anchors matching the terms we wish to rank for inner pages built for those terms

What Have I Done

I’ve built one set of web 2.0 links to the site with branded and url variations, (Dj Name, DJ NAME, DJNAME,, With just this I’ve started to see more impressions in GWT. So the plan going forward is to go over the on page today and that should make a huge difference. The site is completely missing any on page. The on page I had set up years ago has since been changed, and that was just H1 tags.

Getting Ready for On Page: Keyword Research/Competition Analysis

Since an Event DJ can perform at many events, I will build out special pages for different types of events that he can be requested for. The large metropolitan area I am targeting will likely get searches for various types of events.  I’ve seen some of the different sites ranking and they’re not great but they do have things set up somewhat optimized. I will do a bit of spywork to speed up my own keyword research using spyfu, ahrefs and semrush.

The top compeditor is #1 in the snack pack as well as #3 organic behind a craigslist, and thumbtack result. Building the site to match, or do more than this site will be my on page goal for now. I know I can rebuild with this sites on page as a bit of a skeleton for what I need to do.

After going through ahrefs position tracker and then spyfu, for each of the sites that ranked on the first page I have 13 variations of the main target keyword. I will do this with another similar term and I will be pretty well set. The initial search was just ‘city’ DJ but it also brought up wedding, event, and party variations. I also found one site with a list of different types of events listed that DJs are hired for. That could prove very useful depending on how much I want to get into targeting long tail or low competition searches.

With the on-page and a little bit of competition analysis done I am on to setting up the on page. I will show some results with the next update.