SEO study- From the High Teens to the Low Teens

16. August 2015 News 0
SEO study- From the High Teens to the Low Teens

So July 8th I began pushing a plumbing website up using some SEO techniques. Nothing extraordinarily special just did some on page optimization, and began pointing links from my various properties. The jump for most keywords was pretty immediate but not enough to get onto the first page. These keywords go from 15-45 dollars on pay per click ads.

Using Moz’s analysis these keywords range in difficulty from 39% to 46%, and interestingly enough the Cypress plumbing keywords are just as competitive as Houston. I use Moz’s browser plugin to see the difficulty of keywords, though it is actually more beneficial to analyze the websites that show up on the first page when doing competition analysis.


So what did I do the get this page from nowhere to 25, and then from 25 to 18 and from 18 up to 13 most recently. I set the on site for broad ranking. I have different variations of the keywords in the title, the URL, and the meta description. I also use different variations for image title tags, and in the heading tags. I generally consider the title tags to be the most important place for the keywords to appear. I will put the most difficult keywords in that location. I also usually target the most difficult terms with the homepage, since they will usually have the most power.

I build links with varying keywords slowly over time. I start off by building a fairly large set of branded keywords. These can be any variation of the URL, and the brand name. For these, I build bookmarks and comment links, nothing too powerful, just built mainly for anchor text diversity. After a few days, I will use sources like linksmanagement for links that I can easily and cheaply build, as well as some links from my personal blog network.

Sorting through the linksmanagement properties that are available can be a chore. What I do to make this a bit easier is I look for links with DA 30+, available on the homepage, and with less than 30 outbound links. Once I have filtered those out using their tools. I then can go through and check the links manually in majestic to find links with TF of 10+. I usually try to stick with TF/CF ratios that are close to 1 to 1 but for these links, I am actually satisfied with a 1/3 ratio as long as the links are cheap. The thing I forgot to tell you is I order the links by cost and check the cheapest first.

I have found links with DA 80 and TF 30+ for under $5. These are rare but a link like that is very powerful. Once I’ve found a few of these I either buy them if its around 3 or 4 links, or if there are more I will buy a couple and drip feed the rest.

PBN links are the most powerful tool in my arsenal so I make sure to use the anchor texts which are hardest to rank for and try to stay as relevant as possible with those. My own PBN properties are very high power, my thoughts on them are that it is so much work to set up a PBN properly I may as be sure that once set up its it isding plenty of power.

Anyway if you want some links from my PBN network I have them available here, as well as some other resources. If you want a free $50 once you spend $100 at linksmanagement that is here.