Ultra Ninja Jedi Tricks from Top SEO Experts

So not long ago someone started an amazing thread in one of the largest SEO communities on Facebook, if not the largest. The thread asked the group to collectively contribute a tip that they used in their SEO that was their secret. There were many jokes and laughs as well but along the way, a few serious SEO bombs were dropped. Here is my collection of these tips.

Oh, and BTW the group is LCT, Local Client Takeover


Motti Eliyahu

So the first trick was from the originator of the post. He gives the URL for posting an article to Patch to get backlinks. Anyone can write an article for them and post it by filling out a form through their Zendesk link.

rel=”nofollow” but when users google the companys name or keyword the article shows up right under the main companys website, which causes competitors to get lower

This will create a no follow link that you can use for parasite rankings. That day the account creation was touch and go since a group of about 20k internet marketers suddenly realized that such a powerful link was so easily obtained.

Brandon Ludlow

This next trick is a bit more technical. In order to reduce bounce rates for service providers. Create Google fusion tables to create interactive map embeds. You can showcase the service areas by county/city or however you want to break it down.

I have found using these map embeds on service pages actually draws alot of user interest and can drop bounce rates if done correctly.

Joshua B Allen

Learn how to reverse engineer competition

This might seem like a simple answer but it has been the backbone of most of my SEO campaigns from when I began learning years ago. From reverse engineering what on page is working to finding the competitions strongest links and duplicating them, this is a strong tip.

For your social accounts (fb page, twitter, g+, etc) set up an rss feed (or use ifttt) on your site and popular sites in that niche (not competiton). For example, if you have an seo business, setup hootsuite for example to post updates from your site, Moz (if you want), search engine land, Jacob king, etc. This makes your business real providing value to your prospects. Don’t just post links to your site on your social media accounts. Mix it up from sources in your niche.

Alan Leenhouts

I dropped a tip about using search operators to find hidden links. This doesn’t work as well as it did in the past but it can still find some links that you wouldn’t find other ways.

Using ‘link:domain .com -site:domain’ with your competitors site will give you links to that site without including the internal links. Tools like the Mozbar can let you download the list into a CSV for further analysis.

Brandon Ludlow

Brandon supplied a list of blogs that accept guest posts. 140 sites for guest posts to be exact on this list. These sites aren’t going to accept a 500-word spam post for links, but if you write a quality article for them it could be accepted and get you TONS of exposure. If you are having trouble making guest posting work as a link building process a great resource for figuring out guest posting and getting the most out of it is Authority Hacker’s post on Guest posting hacks.


Jake Vorberg

I get white hat links from other businesses in the same niche by writing articles for them. F#@*in’ works so well.

This is another take on guest posting and a powerful one. I could see how a small business would love to have some quality content for free. Putting a couple links to another non-competing business is a small price to pay for a good piece of content.

Shea Pollard

I like to fill in prospect companies contact forms and where it asks “how did you find out about us?” I leave the comment “google page 3”

This is brutal. I haven’t tried it so I don’t know how effective it is for actually getting a responce is though.

Shea also dropped a link to a long tail generator tool.

Mike Ensor

He mentions that BoingBoing is another link source much like Patch.com from the first tip, that can be used. BoingBoing gets a ton of traffic and could well be a good source of traffic as well as a viable link.

Triston Goodwin

Stumbleupon for YouTube engagements


It’s a little silly, but hear me out. Make a Google map for your area for Pokemon Go players. You can set it so that the users can add the stops, gyms, and rare Pokemon sightings themselves (so you don’t have to do anything once it’s ranked). Then, offer paid placement for stores near those points and make sure that the companies offer some sort of coupon for the players. 

I have one ranking #1 for just about everything and it picked up over 63,000 views since July 8th. I shared it in the local Facebook groups for players to get the initial traffic and content. I have a YouTube video on how I made it if anyone wants to take a look.

Chris Raymond

Instead of a tip he asks if there are any good fiverr gigs for SEO related work. I skipped the comment bashing fiverr gigs above as well as a few other jokes in the thread. This question did come up with a few responces for fiverr gigs that are good.

Peter Jordan

Just leaves a link to Behance.net to which people are immediatly telling him SSHHHH!!!

You can post whatever you like on Behance. You just have to be creative. Here’s a suggestion: showcase your website. Here’s one of mine. https://www.behance.net/njtaxappeal

Frank Barajas

301 redirect 404 urls to an html sitemap.

If you are using WordPress simply find sitemap plugin that generates a sitemap page. Then find a 404 to 301 plugin and fire it up. Search youtube if you have difficulty -you should be able to find videos there that are helpful.

Robb Glow

He shares the website appnotch.com which creates an app for android and ios from your website.

Mark Luckenbaugh

Mass scrape sites based on geo location and niche. Blast emails offering to pay for a link, provide a guest post, etc.

Build some pbn links to those pages if you desire. Can see some major boosts from this.

Be creative with the email. Just blatantly asking to pay for links can work but there are a lot of angles you can take

Jacob Kettner

Try finding expired domains with your keyword in URL regardless of metrics, rebuilding sites using domain reanimator, and tier 2ing them with source market links?

Benjamin Olson

Subdomains – Build a video subdomain, install WP, plug it into fcs, have fcs autopost to the video subdomain 1 or 2 random niche related youtube videos a day. Build an ifttt network (or multiples) behind the video subdomain for links. Builds domain authority automatically.

Simon Corneilius

Join a BNI group. For every seat that has access to their website, drop in a link or 2 to other related businesses that are in the same BNI chapter. Repeat for all businesses in that chapter. Now you have a lot of locally relevant links. Then add in a link to your biz or even a client that does not have a seat in this chapter.

Get approved for Google adwords non-profit 501(c)(3) for up to 10k USD/month in in-kind ad spend. Approach a local non-profit and offer to apply for the grant and manage the ads (for a fee) each month. They get (up to) 10k of ads each month, you get compensated for your time and expertise.

use Trello cards as a parasite

Ken Haber

Build a relationship with a local newspaper in your target city. Give before you take. Then pimp their site for what it’s worth, they need all the free content they can get.

Alex Barr

My big SEO (client getting) secret is Craigslist. Go to the page where you select a city use link clump to copy all those links into a notepad then go to the category you want like /ggg is gigs (you can also do a search in that category and copy the url) and add that to the list of links you grabbed. Now throw that list into scrape box and have link extractor grab the first 100 links now you take that list and import it into the harvester and have email grabber crawl the link list and then send out to that list as part of your cold funnel. Great part is that delivery rate is  and open rate is high but you don’t need to validate or clean that list  great for free SEO leads.

Forget tiers take your best backlinks and treat each one Like a money site that means on page, schema, everything including backlinking with tier 2 links to your tier 2 this makes a HUGE difference and also cleans up your backlinking profile a lot!

John Smith

This is one of the best threads I have read in a long time. Pure gold in here. I will drop one of mine to contribute… Sign up the business on every major employer website you can, even if you post a “fake” job. It shows trust and will get you some decent back links. Glass door, Indeed.com, snagajob, etc.

Sia Mohajer

The best on-site tool www.metaforensics.io

Kreg Atterbery

I keep all my videos current by just making sure they get a few views each week with this tool. Those views make a huge difference in staying power. www.supremetrafficbot.com Most Fiverr gigs offer way too many visits to look natural.

Clint Butler

{Write shit down}

Having 1 or 100 “secrets” to rank don’t make a bit of difference if you are not tracking what you are doing and when you do it. Then turn those scribbles into checklists so you can rinse and repeat.

TB John

Creating supporting articles about a topic(3-5 Articles) i want to rank. Then i buy some links from content submission sites on fiverr and send those links to to my supporting articles. You can learn more how to do it on Matt Diggity’s site. He has an awesome article about how to create this articles

Angel Cruz

Create a public Google spreadsheet with a list of tier 1 properties or citations then submit the public Google sheets url into webmaster submit url to increase indexation of hard to index properties.

Scott Allen

This is my fiverr guy for Maps

George Sprouse

Search for schools and work places that offer employee/student discounts and request to be add your business. Works like a charm and you get a powerful edu link

2nd..To boost your social properties and flow juice to your $ site..First set up amazon s3 server and add a page of content for each of your social properties and add a meta refresh tag to your $ site. Than blast the amazon page with spam pbns

Eric Brinkman

If you’re just starting out or want to save money on pbn hosting. Put a few of your custom pbn domains up on Zoho or Tumblr for free.

I actually have an article about hosting PBN for free which goes over a few ways, but not Zoho.

Kyle Duck

create rubygems, npm packages, etc etc with bits of code from your sites. each package gets page on distro sites with descriptions, links, etc. sites will be DA70-80. then your description and link will be mirrored across dozens-hundreds of other sites

Nicolas Heavey

When building comment links that need to be approved save the link to the page you posted it on in a spread sheet.

Check up to see if your comment is approved. If it gets approved save the URL to that site to another spread sheet for sites that approve posts with links.

After a while you can have hundreds of “almost” sure thing back links sources. If you know there’s a good chance your comment will be approved you can also spend more time crafting a unique, optimized comment.