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This section of the site will cover everything that I use web 2.0 sites, and social properties for regarding SEO. I’ll start off by breaking down the different reasons that I utilize these properties.

These different uses for these properties are for, building trust, blanketing easy keywords, tiered link building, and parasite rankings. Parasite rankings and blanketing local keywords are similar but the with parasite rankings I’m not trying to cover the page, rather I’m trying to rank for a difficult term and using the power of the domain to make the push easier.

What is Parasite Ranking in Regards to Web 2.0 Properties?

Ranking Parasite properties is something you’ve probably already done without even knowing you were doing it. If you’ve ever ranked a YouTube video you’ve done parasite ranking. This term parasite ranking has also been used to describe ranking pages on hacked websites but lets be absolutely clear, that is NOT what I’m referring to here.

You may have noticed how easy it was to rank a YouTube video, or seen things like medium posts, or similar showing up for competitive keywords. The authority of the domain makes it much easier to push these websites for competitive terms than a brand new domain. The process of parasite ranking generally involved in the past creating the video, or page and then using GSA or some similar software to send a bunch of links for a quick, generally short term rankings.

What are some of the best properties for Parasite Rankings?

There are many great options for rankings for these competitive terms. The properties that I prefer for this tactic are as follows:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • DailyMotion
  • Slideshare
  • Wordpress
  • Weebly
  • Medium
  • Meetup (Thank Chris for this tip, Join his group)
  • Teespring (another one of Chris’ tactics)

Is the Process for Ranking Parasite Pages Still Automated Link Building?

While I’m not doing a ton of this, I do use FCS networker to push the rankings of my videos. I generally use the power of the domain and a handful of powerful links to help it along. I generally use PBN’s and expired web 2.0 sites with plenty of links to achieve the rankings I want out of the parasite pages.

I know people who still use GSA with success, but I’ve stopped using it personally.

Building Trust with Web 2.0 and Social Properties

In some circles they call it a social fortress, in other groups they build out IFTTT rings. Building out as many social properties as you can to help push your branding is a trust signal. Making sure that you at least have the big 4 immediately to establish your brand is very important.

What are the big 4 Social Properties?

The 4 most important social accounts to set up immediately, would be

  1. GMB (Google My Business)/Google+
  2. Facebook Business Page
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube

These are the properties that get the most traffic at the moment, though Instagram and Pinterest are also very big. Another property every business that has a brick and mortar store should have is a Yelp listing, we’ll talk more about that when I talk about citations though.

I have a couple articles about scraping expired Twitters. The second one shows how I easily manage the expired twitters.

Where can I find all the Social and Web 2.0 Properties I can Claim?

There’s a website called Knowem which will run a scan of all the sites that you can build profiles on. You can run this scan when choosing your brand name or later to hopefully see that you’re name is available to register. Knowem also has a service that will register the properties for you and include the proper information, like an image and a url that you provide.

Claiming these Social Properties Builds Trust for your Brand

While managing all of these social properties on their own is unrealistic, you can set up automation to take care of many of them to make them more valuable properties. I use IFTTT along with some other services to put these properties to work for me.

Blanketing Local SERPS with Parasite Properties

You may have noticed that many times properties like Yelp, as well as other parasites appear on the front page. These properties can be leveraged to show you’re own listing on the front page. What are my favorites for this stragegy? Well it’s not always that simple but generally I’ll look at which properties rank best for the niche I’m working on. For example if it’s home improvement something like Houzz will rank well since it’s niche specific. By looking at similar serps in other local areas you can get a general idea of what parasites you’ve got the best chances of pushing.

I will give you a general list of the one’s I’ll push with links in order to rank them.

  1. Facebook page
  3. Yelp
  4. YouTube
  5. Custom Google Maps
  6. Meetup Pages

If you can get 3 or 4 of those ranking along with you’re website you’ve pretty well taken over that serp.