Best Free Social Media Automation Tools

The first tool I will talk about is IFTTT. I use IFTTT to interconnect my social accounts. This way I can have my Facebook posting everything my twitter will post as well as any YouTube videos I am creating for my company.

Setting Up IFTTT Social Automation

First of all, I create the social accounts that I will be connecting through the IFTTT system. There are plenty of accounts that you can use, for the most part, I will focus on Twitter, Facebook Pages, and YouTube in this article, though I do set up other profiles and syndicate to those as well. I will then create the IFTTT account for this network. Each company needs its own IFTTT setup if you’re doing this multiple times, so use different emails for each. Once you’ve created your IFTTT account you can connect the social media accounts you’re going to use in the automation. In this example, I will use a twitter account that I’ve automated to post to facebook. I will also have any YouTube videos go to the twitter as well to be reposted.

social media automation

The automation is performed by recipes. The ones I set up are Twitter > Facebook Page, and YouTube > Twitter. IFTTT is an acronym for If This Then That, and setting up the recipes is as easy as choosing the if and the that. To syndicate the twitter account I will select Twitter as the account, and then choose ‘whenever there is a new tweet’. I choose to move on and then select the Facebook Page as my then. For this part, I will choose ‘create a link post.’

Now when you tweet it will automatically go to your Facebook page, but we’re just getting started. I will now create recipes for an RSS feed if I have an active blog, as well as for YouTube. These will be the ‘if’ portion and the then for both of these recipes would be to post a linked tweet to twitter. This will ensure that any new content you put out will be automatically pushed to those social channels. You can also replicate this to any number of other social accounts, Tumblr, Weebly, G+ (through Buffer) and more.

Automating Regular Tweets For Syndication

To make this more of a hands-off approach and keep things simple, I use an account at what was formerly tweetjukebox. It is now called socialjukebox, but works the same way, only allows for different accounts along with twitter. With social jukebox, you can set up jukeboxes which will automate posts to your social account. I like to set it up to tweet twice a day and build about 50 social posts of my different blog posts and videos. The more variety you can have the better. This will make your social feed seem more natural as though you were posting these every day.

Bonus Viral Post Automation

There is a combination I use to make sure I have popular articles and posts going to my accounts along with my own content. This helps me in a few ways. Maybe the person who created that content sees that I’ve posted it and retweets or shares my post of their article. The readers of my social accounts don’t see my account as one that only posts stuff that I’ve created. These posts have already been liked and shared many times and improve the engagement of my own social accounts.

So what do I use to find this popular content? It is another free tool called Quuu. This can connect with a free account at Buffer to accomplish the viral post automation. Quuu will give you a list of articles that have been shared and liked hundreds of times in your niche. So not only is this popular content it’s already proven itself to have good social engagement.

Improving the social engagement of your posts can help your social profile to be seen more often and by more people naturally.

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