automate social media posts

Social Media Marketing Simplified

automate social media postsMaintaining posts on the various social media sites for your business can be quite an undertaking. In this article I will give you some information about the apps I use to make social media marketing simplified.  I’ll make another post soon about how to get your logo or prefered image to appear on these posts.

Facebook icon twitter icon RSS feed icon Linkedin IconThe links and networking involved with social media today is too powerful for SEO to just leave alone, but no one wants to go to 4 different sites every time the company has new information on their website. One way to lessen this is by linking some of your social sites together manually. Currently this works well with Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook for sure, by linking these three together it is then just a matter of posting on Linkedin (and clicking the post to twitter checkbox) in order for the post to be seen on all 3 sites.

Linking your Social Media

  • From Facebook link your twitter account (a simple search for twitter from Facebook will show the app)
  • From linkedin connect your twitter account (from the profile tab toward the bottom is the additional information category where you can add a twitter account)
  • now just post from linked in with the tweet this as checkbox checked and you’ve updated all 3 sites.

This helps some but there are a couple other apps that will keep your social profiles from going stale without visiting them every day. There are others out there that work as well but the two I use are hootsuite, and bufferapp.

Hootsuite allows you to post to a few different social sites in one shot, schedule posts, and also connect an RSS feed. This is the feature I like most about Hootsuite, by setting up the RSS settings all I have to do is create my regular blog or newsfeed and it will automatically post. The free version allows you to set it up to post to two different sites. Mine is set up to post to linkedin as well as Twitter because the automatic posts to linked in do not automatically go to twitter as well this keeps all 3 of these sites up to date.

Bufferapp is another social management system that I have played with and I really like the interface. I sometimes feel the need to check out lots of posts and can spend extra time when I go to Hootsuite. Bufferapp simply lets you post without distracting you with the feeds from each site you’ve connected.