Some of my Favorite SEO Tools

I recently made the video showing a few of my favorite SEO tools. The first one I talked about is Market Samauri.

Market Samurai for Keyword Research

Market Samurai is my new go to keyword research tool. Finding keywords that are easy to rank for with good search volumes is the most powerful thing any internet marketer can do, besides building email lists, but that’s another story all together. It’s running $150 right now (June 2016) but with enough searching you may find a coupon code discount.  I don’t remember paying that much for it but it would’ve been worth it.

Market Samurai Review and Tutorial

When I first open Market Samurai I get a project management screen and I can create a new or choose an existing project.

Market Samurai Review

I went ahead and opened up the coffee project and I’ll show you around in there a bit. For this article I decided to go ahead and add some things to the keyword tracker that I haven’t been using as of yet. Checking just took a minute and it was fairly easy to set uprank tracker market samurai

This is what the rank tracker looks like. Setting it up was as easy as clicking the add domain button, and then adding keywords with the add keyword button. Updating for these 3 keywords took less than a minute. I’ll have to see how long it takes when I run more keywords and also check Yahoo and Bing, but it did seem pretty quick.

The rank tracker only allows 10 keywords to be tracked without an upgrade. While the rank tracker looks nice and it’s an added bonus, it even exports the data, it isn’t why I picked up the tool so lets move on to more of these areas.

Keyword Research with Market Samurai

I start by adding a new keyword and Market Samurai will pull in keywords from Google Adwords Keyword tool. So for each keyword I put in I can expect about 800 to analyze. There are various filters and data checkboxes to view  data with.

Keyword research filters

Various filters help to find the keywords that hold value and have low competition. There are preset filters built or you can create your own. The SEOV- or seo value score tells what the estimated traffic for the #1 spot multiplied by the adwords PPC value. This can ensure that the traffic you’ll get will be buyer traffic. While you can make money with non buyer traffic, the chance of conversions is greatly improved with buyer intent.

I may go further into this tool in the future but this is it for now.