checking spammed domains

Spam Checking Expired domains Fast

Finding expired domains with good metrics is tough enough, then spam checking them can also be an intense process. I made a quick video where I spam checked about 5 domains in just a few minutes. The trouble usually is that loads real slow and moving from domain to domain checking can take a bit of time. It is a process I generally break up into segments and only do once the domain has already been checked for DA, and TF.

I personally cut off my TF at 15 and my DA at 10. Moz’s DA can be a good measure of power but it can also not show well on good domains. DA is more a measure of the amount of links than it is a measure of the quality of the links coming in.

My process after I filter out the sites that don’t meet my metrics preferences is to open just 3 tabs.

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Checking Anchor Text in Majestic

I will check Majestic for anchor text ratio’s as well as if there are the normal spammed keywords or foreign anchors. Just having foreign anchors isn’t enough to scare me off from every site. I’ve joked that I want to take old powerful Chinese domains that were real sites and make them into PBNs – and I have. One of my domains has over 100 root domains and was a legitimate site for its entire lifetime (a Chinese blood bank).

Looking for Dirty History in Screenshots

Next I run Screenshots checks to see if any of the images look like a PBN, and to see how many times, and how much the site has changed over its life. Some sites will not show in screenshots and that’s just fine. Screenshots is my initial filter so I can see history quickly. I still will check archive for any domains that pass this test.

Checking Website Lifetimes and Content in Archive

If the domain has passed the initial 2 tests I am pretty hopeful that it will pass an archive check. I run the domain in archive and hope for only a closely related set of archives for it. I like to see the entire life happening before about 2011 that usually means it’s not been picked up and used as a PBN. I have seen PBN sites built as early as 2010 though.

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Once all of these checks are passed if I am picking it up for my personal network I also check the anchor texts in ahrefs. Their network is a bit larger than Majestic so if there are any spammy anchor texts that I didn’t see in Majestic I will find them there. Generally if the domain passed the initial test it doesn’t have any issues.