Stacking My Social Profiles

So you may have heard of social stacking, domain authority stacking or some other term for boosting your social profiles by interconnecting them. I figured I’d show you guys how I’ve implemented this for Houts Graphics.


connecting social accounts

Social Profiles for Leenhouts SEO

There are plenty of Social networks out there and while I don’t post regularly to all of them personally. I do have an IFTTT setup and FCS to assist in managing and making sure they’re updated semi regularly.


For Facebook my social stacking involves mostly just occasional posts of my other social profiles. Reminding my followers to connect with us on twitter, or subscribe to us on YouTube. In the page info area of my Facebook page of course there’s my websites url.


Twitter is much the same as Facebook. There are some tools you can use to automate messages to new followers and include a message to connect on Facebook or another platform. This I have experienced from others but it’s not something I implement myself.  There is also a website url in the profile area.



A google property the blogger or blogspot pages are another one of my favorite hubs for the IFTTT netork. Its actually my current setup as the hub.  Being a Google property it can very easily be connected with your G+ profile or business page. There can be more connections made through customization, what I did was added a ‘link list’ gadget named it social and added a handful of social links.


In the past I had around 6 or 7 social icons on my header image with connected social accounts. About 6 months ago I got in to edit my profile and they disappeared from my profile. I haven’t done too much investigation but it seems it was a feature that was removed and when I did the editing they were no longer available. I do have my website associated with the YouTube channel and post links in my descriptions(yes social too) and sometimes in comments.  It also helps your videos rank when you’ve shared them or embedded them across your branded channels that are building up power through all this interlinking. is one of the newer accounts I’ve created. It allows for a large amount of social connections. It is almost a blueprint of the most powerful platforms out there. It doesn’t allow for posting or any social interaction but it can be shared in your email signature or other profiles in order to connect all your socials in one spot.


Disqus is great for conversations with other people in your field. If you’re an authority on your subject you’re likely going to have been in a few discussions. Disgus can also be a good way to have comments on your site without too much spam. Most softwares to spam comments don’t look for disqus footprints since they’re not going to give links to your website.


Everyone loves Moz for their SEO blog, and for their Domain Authority and Page Authority metrics. Their database is one of the smaller of the major SEO metrics companies, yet they’re one of the big 3. They also allow you to have a profile connecting many Social Properties. You can also create a blog on YouMoz if you’re willing to write a high quality article and hope it makes the cut. I’ve thought about it many times but haven’t made the leap yet.


I have just recently set up this profile so it may not be showing as of yet.


Not only is Quora a great place to answer questions and get traffic to your posts. It is one of the top sites in the world and you would be crazy not to utilize this in your social stacking strategy. In my Quora profile I connected many of my other social accounts so when I answer questions people who liked my answers or agree with my strategies can catch up with me in other social platforms.


Ok so Reddit isn’t really going to help much with social stacking so much. It can do some reposting for you with IFTTT. I just noticed one of my latest blog posts that was posted. I had been having trouble getting links to post but I guess through IFTTT it went through. Go figure. I guess it was probably the meme feature image that got it on.

So you may have noticed this is just a bunch of my social profiles…


… and this post is going to go out on many of my social profiles via IFTTT…


that is social stacking in a nutshell. Create as many and connect as much as possible. Make sure they’re active accounts somehow. Either by syndication which is pretty easy with most social platforms on their own or through some form of automation like IFTTT or by posting via FCS networker.

If you dig into Houts Graphics enough you might even find our maps on which we use this type of stacking with citation properties. I like that so much I might have a post about it coming soon as well.