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Tip to Power up Tumblr SEO Blogs

When my colleague suggested I do another web 2.0 post because I was getting to be an expert I laughed at first. When I thought about it a bit and realized I’d been focusing on everything web 2.0, testing different things, and finding out answers nobody has discussed on the web – that you can find. I thought, maybe I am beginning to be an expert.

More Research on Tumblr Blogs for SEO

In my research over the last few weeks I’ve been mostly exploring different properties that can be utilized by internet marketers, then I decided to take a step back and try to see what made Tumblr the most popular choice. Because it’s highly regulated and blogs are being taken down often, reliability can’t be the reason. There are tons of Tumblr sites available at any given time, and registering them is easy enough. I wouldn’t say I’ve lost many Tumblr or had issues with that platform in particular, though it is somewhat notorious for dropping blogs.

Reblogging to Build my Tumblr Authority?

One reason I particularly like the platform is a trick I am able to use to help to boost the power of my own blog very simply. I had noticed how quickly my branded Tumblr blog had gained power and wondered why. I may have sent some tiered links to it but I didn’t expect to have a PA 35 tumblr in such a short time. I also regularly reblogged some popular posts. It seems this was the trick. I’ve duplicated this and built the authority of other Tumblr blogs as well. There are over a million blogs on tumblr so you are sure to be able to find related content to push relevance.

Targeted Reblogging with Scrapebox

I made a video explaining the process, but it’s pretty simple. I run a scrape for site:tumblr with keywords related to the tumblr blog I want to boost. This can be just a couple keywords or you can build a large list to reblog over time. Once the harvester has run, I run an alive check to make sure the result is still active. Then filtering out urls that don’t contain the word post is the next step.

I then have a list of posts related to the keyword that are alive, and are posts which I can reblog. From this point I can run the page authority check or if I’m feeling old school I can run a PR check. I can export this as a CSV, and order it by the page authority of each post. I found about 10 good ones in a short time.

Another Variation of this Trick

Since it is likely that tumblr blogs that have quite high PA also have created posts that have authority built on them we can search for these. I did a PR check and found some tumblr blogs with PR 7. Running a scrape for this blog + post will help me find all the posts from this blog. I can then reblog the most powerful ones to get the backlinks to my site.

Different tools may be better or worse at keeping your blogs alive so you can perform the link building you created these blogs for. As a general rule I try to prime any accounts I pick up as expired blogs before using them. I try to be active on the blog for a short time before beginning to use them on auto posting tools. By starting the blog off with some natural activity it starts off with less change of immediate removal, so you can build your links and boost your search engine results for longer term.

Using Tools for Managing the Tumblr Blogs

Most tools that post to web 2.0 blogs and social networks will also work with Tumblr. It is one of the more powerful of the free blogging platforms out there. So having an army of tumblr blogs that you have built the authority of can be good for pushing links to your tier 2 links to your money pages.

 Are Tumblr blogs SEO friendly?

Tumblr blogs are still loved by Google, just a bit of evidence of evidence of that can be seen by searching your SEO tool for the domain to see how the latest update effected tumblr pages. I have seen a similar result after the June 3rd update where I saw a brief decrease followed by a boost in traffic. So yes Tumblr blogs are still good for SEO.

As far as optimizing pages on the platform there are plenty of ways to bring internal links by using the proper title tags, finding content ideas right on the platform and putting a tag on your posts. Do not underestimate the power and forget to tag your posts.

Does Tumblr accelerate SEO?

Tumblr posts can be used with their high domain authority to push links to your tier 2. The links are dofollow and push power through to your money pages. If you are doing content marketing you can create related posts for tumblr and push those to your tumblr accounts.