Twitter Marketing Ultimate Guide

Using Twitter As An Effective Marketing Tool: The Ultimate Guide For 2019

Twitter has always been the heart and soul of many major brands’ social media marketing strategy. It is a powerful social networking tool that delivers you relevant information about virtually any topic. That includes reviews and latest updates from the companies and brands you care about too.

The significance of a robust Twitter marketing strategy has never been felt so strong as in today’s digital-savvy marketing industry. Social media is the most public platform with the authenticity card for your brand’s growth and development.

This article will be a great help in formulating an effective and efficient Twitter marketing strategy for your brand’s overall progress and growth. This comprehensive guide will direct you on how to use Twitter as an effective marketing tool.


Using Twitter As An Effective Marketing Tool

Twitter is a great platform for amplifying your marketing efforts and funneling all your hard work in the right direction to get the most optimized results for your brand’s promotional campaign.

These quick tips will be a great help in augmenting the overall Twitter marketing strategy for your brand.


Come, let’s get started!


  • Know Your Brand Story And Give Customers The Spotlight



As a marketer, it is important that you keep your brand’s voice clear and loud and at the same time let customers share your brand story through their personal experiences with your products and services.


Take time to understand your customer’s journey by improving your social listening skills. Define your goals and strategize your campaign strategy keeping in mind both your goals and customers.



  • Integrate Your Digital Presence with Your Social Presence



Combining the marketing potential of your digital and social platforms is a great way to incur meaningful audience engagement. One tested and tried ways of accomplishing this goal is to embed Twitter feeds on your brand’s official website.


It helps you display constant social proof to your website visitors whenever they land on your webpage after searching certain keywords resembling the kind of services and products you offer. When you embed Twitter feeds on your website, you basically display user-generated Twitter reviews, testimonials, images, videos, etc. that helps you augment the overall trust users have in your brand.


Also, it is a great way to drive in potential traffic on your website which may lead to meaningful conversions. This helps you to improve the SEO performance of your website thereby increasing its organic visibility amongst your target audience. All this results in enhanced sales and revenue for your business.



  • Twitter Automation No Longer Delivers Results



Most of the marketers rely on automation tools to keep their Twitter profile active by posting tweets every 10 minutes. Earlier, it was a great way to add value-addition articles from great publications to your account but not anymore.


This approach led to Twitter profiles flooding with tweets to different articles and reduced the overall one-to-one interaction, the primary aim of Twitter as a social networking platform. Hence, Twitter changed its automation rules. Now, it focuses on showing user-content that is more authentic and interactive rather than a stream of plain tweets leading to promotional articles.


You can no more post identical or similar articles to multiple accounts. Hence, now the focus has shifted to the quality of content instead of the quantity of content. Hence, instead of automating your tweets, try posting tweets that reflect your voice and thoughts.



  • Earn Trust By Displaying User-Generated Reviews On Twitter



Your Twitter profile is in the public domain where customers land after searching for you online. Your Twitter presence could help you build a robust and influential brand image. Develop your Twitter profile as a platform where users leave their genuine reviews and feedback after having used your services and products.


These user-generated reviews leave a long-lasting impact on the first time visitors of your profile. These user-generated testimonials and reviews will speak for the quality of your products and services and advocate for your brand’s credibility. Users trust them more as compared to any brand-generated content glorifying itself.


Also, remember that this feedback and reviews could be both positive and negative. It’s you as a brand who has to respond to either type of the reviews and not ignore the negative ones. Be quick enough to respond. Be thankful for the positive reviews and try overcoming the drawbacks highlighted in the negative feedback.



  • Participate In Authentic Twitter Conversations



Participating in authentic Twitter conversations about the topics that are trending in your industry can be a great step for your overall Twitter marketing strategy. It will help you to establish yourself as an influencer and not just as a promotional brand.


Posting content about your brand’s live events using your event hashtag is a great way to initiate discussion and conversation regarding your brand. This gives you an opportunity to create authentic Twitter content for your Twitter profile too. Event-related content often fetches maximum engagement and reach.




So, these were some pro-tips that could help you robust your Twitter marketing strategy and grow your overall business and brand influence. Hope you find it useful.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on Twitter marketing? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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