ultimate web 2.0 guide

Ultimate Guide to Expired Web 2.0 Domains

What are web 2.0’s and Why are They Important

Web 2.0’s are properties where you can build a free website on your own subdomain. This allows you to use the authority of the domain for quick ranking. These sites can handle faster linking and when linked to correctly can give quick ranks as well as rank long term.

These can be a great way to get affiliate sites or client sites ranking. A neat trick is to use brand new web 2.0 sites with you’re targeted keyword as the URL, for example, dogcollars.blogspot.com of course if you were targeting dog collars.

Considering these are free site and you can utilize them for quick rankings without any yearly costs really make them an attractive strategy for both money sites as well as for links on private networks.

How to Find Powerful Expired Web 2.0 Domains

I use the swiss army knife of SEO, Scrapebox, with a footprint for example of site:tumblr.com along with a long list of keywords. One of my new techniques for getting a good list of keywords quick is using Google AdWords keyword planner.

I don’t see anyone talking about how you can simply add all 800 keywords into a plan and then copy them to your clipboard, you can repeat this process to get 10k keywords for your clipboard. I use keywords from a variety of hot topics or popular content. Each keyword will expand to many varieties, set up into ad sets. It is then just a matter of copying the list of keywords you added into Scrapebox. Below you can see that those 4 keywords turned into 704 that I can then add to my plan and copy to a clipboard. Repeating this 10 times gets me 7k keywords. Another good idea for places to start is Google Trends for hot topics.

Finding Keywords for Web 2.0 Scraping

Just a couple steps after running a quick scrape, trimming to root (or to the first folder for some web 2.0) From there a simple alive check is much faster than the vanity check for most of the web 2.0 properties. This will speed up the process of filtering out blogs you can’t register.

I do use the normal sites as everyone does but also incorporate other web 2.0 properties that you can’t register expired accounts from. I also have many that I’ve found that aren’t used by most marketers and are wide open for finding high power accounts.

Watch the Video on Scrapebox for Expired Web 2.0


Why Expired Tumblr, Weebly, and Blogspots Don’t Last

Expired Tumblrs

The easiest to manage and set up are Tumblr, Weebly, and blogger accounts. Since they are such big targets they have become more heavily monitored and a site you find with high power can quickly die if you’re not careful when setting it up. There is a Tumblr SEO trick for getting extra power by reblogging powerful posts.


Expired Weebly

Weebly has even made their links no follow from free accounts due to the popularity of their expired accounts. When setting up Weebly accounts it’s a good practice to build a post or two without outbound links or only link to authorities. To avoid getting banned quickly.

Expired Blogspot

Blogger or Blogspot is a Google property and therefore must be a registered in a more hidden way. Hiding behind a proxy and using a different email address is usually enough in my experiences.

These 3 are the most used web 2.0’s but originally web 2.0’s were used in a much larger variety. They helped to rank well and Google did some updates which keep the abandoned one article with links properties from helping to rank.

Old One Page Web 2.0 Site Setups No Longer Work

The old school way was to just create 10 or 20 one page web 2.0 sites and link to your site. This doesn’t work anymore and will have little effect on ranking, possibly even hurting rankings.  It is much better to build out a site with at least 5 or 6 pages of content, even silo it and add links to authority sites in your niche. Treat these web 2.0’s like you’re building a PBN and they’ll have a much much greater effect on rankings.

How do I keep my Web 2.0 sites from Getting Deleted

To make sure your web 2.0 sites aren’t getting deleted quickly make sure to make them look like they’re being used by a real person. It really is just common sense but if you’ve got the default theme, and you signed up with a mail.ru or gmx email, chances are they already know the account was created by a bot.

Some of these sites are easier to get away with than others. If I take the time to build up profiles as if setting up a PBN or even better setting up many profiles interlinking for the semantic web, I have much better results with the lifetime of these properties. There are services that will set up foundation link networks and even setup IFTTT rings for you.

Link diversity from Web 2.0s

The power of using web 2.0 seems to have dwindled according to many people. It hasn’t what has changed is the way people are using web 2.0 sites. People are using the same web 2.0 sites over and over instead of using a large list of sites. Links from the same type of web 2.0 sites come from the same IP, so many different Tumblr, or Weebly links don’t have as much effect as having many diverse web 2.0 sites linking into your money site. In the past, it was a much more diverse list that marketers were using regularly.

5 Expired Web 2.0s You Aren’t Using

I’m working on a comprehensive list of expired web 2.0’s which I’ve been able to register. I’ve already gotten quite a few sites that I’m having good luck within my web 2.0 management system. Below is a list of the ones I have been able to scrape and register without a problem.

Expired Web 2.0 Site you can Register



This one isn’t a very pretty web 2.0 but they are plentiful enough to find expired and very easy to set up. I’ve had good luck with them staying reliable in FCS networker and expect them to remain so for quite some time.


I don’t really care for setting these up but the sheer amount of expired accounts available is insane. I don’t think it’ll take long to get accustomed to doing the setup for these blogs.


This is also a bit of a pain to setup but again, there are tons of these with good metrics to register.



Again there are tons of these and they have some big authority. I’ve found that I have to go through more than a few names that gave me a 404 to find ones that I can register. I think it may be a waiting period like some other web 2.0 sites implement.


This one also doesn’t just allow you to register just any subdomain that gives a 404. The setup is quite easy and they’ve been reliable so far for me.


Again these are giving plenty of results for me when scraping so they are a great resource for plenty of powerful blogs. They’ve also been reliable for FCS for now.


Thanks for reading. I’m glad I could show you some great web 2.0 sites to help with your rankings.

Web 2.0 Sites for Embeds

I recently did a test of all the FCS networker sites to determine which sites the embeds were working on. I have another post about managing sites in FCS so check the link in the previous sentence for more about that. I ran a project on the various sites that FCS can post to and found this list of sites that the embeds were showing up in.

  • tumblr.com
  • hazblog.com
  • ownfreewebsite (page.tl)
  • webgarden.com
  • webnode.com
  • jigsy.com
  • blogigo.com
  • weebly.com
  • blog.com
  • yola.com

Check out the update on my FCS networker post to see how I run embeds on these sites for the best results.