Use Free Proxy with Traffic Travis

Use Free Proxy with Traffic Travis

So I have been using Traffic Travis, an SEO tool, for quite some time now and just being very patient when I try to run larger scans. Well I had a need to scrape a bit more information than usual. I went digging and tried to find a way to use a free proxy with Traffic Travis but didn’t find any help. I just found complaints about how the suggested link is an affiliate and that Traffic Travis is a rip off because it doesn’t come with the ability to find and use free proxy’s automatically.


How did I find the Free Proxy’s

A simple search for free proxy’s finds two quite good sources, and probably more. I didn’t need any more functionality than I got with HMA (Hide My Ass), and Both gave me a list of proxy’s with the port, both allowed me to filter only high output, highly anonymous, and even filter out low up times. With a list like this it was as simple as taking the data into a spreadsheet, placing a : between the ip and the port, deleting the rest of the information and copying the results into Traffic Travis’ proxy list.

Testing and further filtering Proxy IPs

Once the list is in, I use the test proxy’s button in Traffic Travis, and remove any bad proxy’s and proxy’s blocked by google. Once I’ve finished with that I have an extensive reliable list of proxy’s. You may need to do this simple process once or twice a week, for me it’s worth it to have hundreds of free proxy’s rather than paying hundreds of dollars monthly for them. Even at $1 per proxy, on a monthly basis that adds up very Quickly