Creating YouTube Lead Generation Videos

Using YouTube for Instant Lead Generation Rankings

You already know how much I love ranking videos with YouTube if you’re a regular reader. In this post I will talk about how I created a video, and then multiplied it countless times for instant rankings for many locations.

Ranking SEO Expert Videos

I did this for my own channel and here are some of the results that I am looking at right now via an incognito window…

expert seo pasadena #3 (web 2.0 with video #2)

magnolia seo expert #3 (web 2.0 with video #2)

corpus seo expert #2

conroe seo expert (web 2.0 with video #1)

beaumont seo expert #1 (web 2.0 with video #2)

baytown seo expert #1 (web 2.0 with video #2)

baytown seo #1

beaumont seo #6

I could continue with variations that my videos are showing up for but I think you get the point. The beauty of this is that I didn’t have to get this video changed, reload the video, and then make adjustments. I simply use the video creator to duplicate my own video. This is huge because creating these videos partially optimized and seeing them rank steady for 10 days, with very little effort is exactly what I did.  You may think well that’s nice but those aren’t very big search terms or I don’t run an SEO agency I can’t use this.

I also did this same process in another niche with another channel that has quite the high competition. What were the results with that niche?

From 15 video’s put up I had 11 video’s showing on the first 2 pages within an hour. It took me less than an hour to create the duplicates of the videos and adding numbers from my call monitoring account just took a few minutes. I didn’t have to create tons of phone numbers for the videos, just for the ones which are ranking well.

Below is the short video showing how I quickly set up an optimized channel and playlist and then duplicate the videos for maximum results in very little time. I forwarded the phone numbers to businesses paying $30-$60 a click. Want to know how much they’re paying per call? Stick around maybe I’ll show you the method I used to calculate the value of a call at the end of the video.