Video Likes and Views to Boost Rankings [Addmefast]

Everyone knows that getting likes and views in YouTube is a signal that tells YouTube and Google your videos are worth ranking. These social signals can be done with bots but it makes you venerable to being caught.

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So How Do I Create Natural Looking Social Signals

A good way to help boost your video is by using It is a platform for cross promoting your social profiles, posts and videos. Many different platforms are supported. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Vine, Pinterest, and more. It also does website clicks also.

How does this Automate Social Signals and look Natural?

This is done by actual people using the system and there are measures taken to ensure that bots are not being used inside the system so the social signals look very natural.

What if I just don’t like AddMeFast?

Another platform I have used is co promote. This system works much the same way. You earn points by sharing other peoples items inside the system. Those points are used to promote the post, or video you choose. This uses much fewer networks though, and currently only does Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Vine and Instagram. This is a much less used system but very well made.

Which Service gives you the Most Platforms to Work With?

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Personally I’ve seen great results from using Add Me Fast for ranking YouTube videos. With less than 100 views I’ve secured the first spot in YouTube for SEO Houston. Granted ranking in YouTube isn’t the same as ranking in Google but it is the first step in making it happen. Getting views and likes puts your video in the viral category and will make it much easier to rank, and in turn ranking will get you more views and likes if you’re using a quality video.

What Effect on Rankings do Social Signals Play?

Social Signals show that a post is being shared and is popular right now. Google and other search engines are very careful to pay attention to trending articles on social because if they don’t they’ll end up losing out on their market. We will no longer need them for finding important news it will be found on social outlets.

The most important social signals are on the networks that are most often used such as the ones on copromote, however, for different niches like music, SoundCloud and even MySpace can be a great source of signals and even traffic.

Can I just Buy Likes and Shares?

Both systems have ways to purchase credits or subscribe for more posts, likes, and shares. Both systems also work with user sharing to earn credits toward shares. There are multiple other sites that work similarly to these two. These are just the two that I’ve used regularly. Purchasing signals from these services happens over time so its not an instant post of 100 or 200 links which is nice. This is called Drip feeding and you can further spread out the posts by adding limits to the daily amounts.