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3 Ways to Host a Site for Free

There are many free hosts that you can put a website on. Most of these have issues with downtime, no support, or they’re full of other sites that are PBN or have gotten penalties. These ways to host sites for free are fast, the run on reliable servers, probably some of the fastest available, and the ip isn’t shared with low quality sites.

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Hosting Your Own Domain on Blogger

First off sign in to your registrar and open up a blogger. I already have a test site built and I have some old domains I can use for this tutorial so these examples should be live for you to see at least for a short time.

hosting with blogger

You will open up the drop down menu on your blog, and navigate to the settings tab. Here is where you will find the information you need to make all the adjustments for your registrar.  When you click on the tab you will see a section in the settings called publishing

host with blogger

It is here that you will choose to use your own domain. Its the + Setup a 3rd part URL for your blog, link. Just click there and continue with the instructions as I lay them out.

The two ways to set this up is either by changing the DNS settings for CNAME or creating 4 A-Records. We will go over the CNAME first.


Put the domain you wish to host along with the www. in the field and click save. You will see an error message and you will see some information about settings come up. The CNAME setting for www will be, and there will be another one unique to your setup.


cname records for blogger hosting

In the Advanced DNS editor in your Cpanel create these new records to point to blogger. I just copied and pasted the names from the blogger page. If your DNS already has a record for the www you will have to delete it or just edit it to point to the google host.

cname record for blogger host

With that all set up you should see your domain pointing to blogger in a short time.


Hosting your Domain with Tumblr

I have a few of these and I actually run them in my FCS networker in my ‘premium’ set of accounts. These aren’t my normal powerful PBN domains but they’re what passes for a normal PBN power in some circles. First to set up a Tumblr account for the hosting, just build a Tumblr just as you would normally the sub-domain name doesn’t matter since it will point to your own domain.

tumblr hosting

I use several catch all emails that forward to an account I can manage. This way I have an unlimited amount of emails to sign up for places like Tumblr, twitter, and all those other web 2.0 sites. You will need access to the email to verify before you can move over to your domain.

verify tumblr

Now that we’re all verified we can move over to the settings menu from the dropdown under the user icon.

tumblr settings for hosting

choose blog to host with tumblrClick on the gear icon and we’re almost there. Once you’ve done that you’ll need to choose a blog to associate with the domain. If you have an account with multiple tumblr’s and the expired Tumblr has lost some links you can connect a domain and get the juice flowing to the articles you’ve already got set.


After you’ve picked the Tumblr blog to associate with your own domain you need to edit a couple things. You will click on the pen icon to edit the domain name.  I also like to choose a different theme since I’m using this for a bit more than just a Tumblr blog.

hosting domain with tumblr

You will need to change the A-record to and wait for it to propigate before Tumblr will allow you to save this change.

a name records for tumblr

Now you have your own domain pointed to a tumblr hosted completely for free.

Hosting a Website with Dropbox

This method will just allow static html sites, so editing and adding new pages is a bit of a pain but the price and some ingenuity and you can actually have a site that works well with this.

So in order to host a site with Dropbox you will need a Dropbox account and you will need to create a folder inside your public folder. I used some free html templates when I was testing this out and they actually look pretty nice. I’ve also found a couple ways to embed forms which makes the site much more functional. Just because you’re not running php on your site doesn’t mean you can’t include basic functionality like a contact form.

html sites in dropbox

Here is my public folder with a few of the html sites I picked up for this type of hosting. You can find free html5 templates like these here.

Once you have one of these or an html site you’ve built inside of your dropbox, it is a matter of pointing the domain to the correct location.

The drawback to this way of hosting a site on Dropbox is you have to do a wildcard redirect so your generally only going to be able to have one url for the site.  Different pages can exist but they won’t show as a different url in the browser. There are many additional things you can use to increase the functionality of a website you host with Dropbox. Since I generally just deal with what I’ve personally done I won’t go into these.

Next you will need to navigate to the index.html file of your folder, right click and copy the public link.

public link from dropbox

Set up a wildcard redirect in your host to this url and your done. For more of a full functioning website hosted in Dropbox try some of the services like scriptogram, or