web 2.0 link building

Web 2.0 Link Building

Building web 2.0 sites for linking purposes has been and will continue to be a staple of the SEO community. The inherent authority that comes with the large domains, along with free accounts pairs up to be an easy way to produce authority on domains you’re linking to.

How to set up Web 2.0 sites

Simply generating a new site with some software like FCS, magic submitter, or money robot isn’t as effective as it once was. While this is still part of my own link building strategy I like to build sets of branded accounts with the profile links going to the site. Many web 2.0 and social accounts allow you to connect the site to your main domain.  This is a great way to have a set of accounts set up.

I had a service to set up branded accounts for you but for now, I have closed the doors on that. These links are great for branded and naked URL anchor texts.


I use my personal choice for web 2.0 posting, FCS networker, and I run the account generator to build as many of the sites as I can. I use the brand name in the username slot. I can also work in some variations of the keywords I am going after in the blog title.


As far as my settings go I will either use good proxies or simply only create one set in a day in order to keep my IP from being blocked. This will generate a good amount of accounts. These are generic, just built, and using the default theme. That doesn’t work too well especially if the default theme is one about coffee and you’re sending articles about dogs to them.  Once the set is created since I have all the account data I can go in and edit each manually for these that I want to use as tier 1 sites. I can add the same logo as a particular PBN or I can build them out as their own entity.

Content for web 2.0 Links

FCS networker works with several API’s, Kontent machine, articlebuilder.net, and a new player in the content generator game Article Forge. I personally did a trial on Article Forge and it creates pretty good articles. For a builder that works on scraping it works much better than Kontent machine, as far as readability goes. I still am using Articlebuilder.net. It is mostly because of the price at the moment. Article Forge is just $50 monthly but for a monthly fee that is a bit high for me, plus I already have articlebuilder.net for a year.

Posting Links to the Web 2.0

Before I go ahead and run links from all these freshly created and cleaned up sites I like to do a little bit of priming. I will send 2 or 3 articles to each site in the particular niche that I am targeting with that set of sites. I do this in a few different ways. FCS networker has API integration but it can also generate content in a few different ways. One I particularly like for in the priming process is syndication. I can find quality RSS feeds in the niche and I can get topical relevance as well as build my authority by syndicating their content. There is an option to place a link to the source, and this alleviates any duplicate content or copyright issues. It also helps because I’m linking to a few different niche authorities.

Building Link Juice to Web 2.0s

As I am getting these new accounts primed for posting links, I also like to generate a bit of link juice coming in. I have many expired web 2.0 sites I’ve rebuilt. So I generally start by building links from those to the home pages of my newer cleaned up web 2.0 sites. I also have GSA SER and if done carefully it can create great juice while still remaining fairly quality. I set up a 3 tier GSA campaign with the top 2 tiers being contextual. At some point, I can also show some tricks about setting up GSA but that’s for another day.