Web 2.0 Management- From FCS to RankerX

After a pretty good run and only minor frustrations I spent a few hours yesterday trying to get into my FCS networker with many problems. I also had some issues when all my articles I loaded in were wiped out mysteriously. I also had an issue of being down for a week because I assumed their upgrade button would work correctly. So I guess there were more than a few frustrations along the way.

What is my New Solution

At least for the moment I’ve migrated to RankerX. While it is the new kid on the block so to speak its reasonably priced and is basically set up like SeNuke or Money Robot in that you set up tier campaigns in systems. I will be doing testing with some of the features and I will be creating new gigs with the setups that give the best results.

Getting to know RankerX

RankerX is a bit more complicated at first. One thing I really liked about FCS despite all the issues was the ease of setting up a project. With RankerX I hardly knew where to start even after watching a few videos. I don’t think it will take me very long to get a hang of it though I am already loving the lack of limitations on projects.

Migrating my FCS Accounts

This was a bit of a trick, and I lost a few accounts in the move but once I had the system down I was able to migrate my network quite easily. FCS networker account data comes comma separated and looks like this:


I downloaded the sets of accounts one at a time in order to keep them separated by niche. Then I was able to paste this info into a spreadsheet using a comma as the separator. What this did was allow me to delete the first row, and paste the last row with the url in front ending up with this:


this was still in the spreadsheet so it actually had hard spaces instead of commas but I’d copy it into notepad and replace those with a pipe and create the format that RankerX uses for their accounts.


Now that moving was handled I needed to replenish my accounts. About half of the accounts didn’t move which is unfortunate, however RankerX has many more that FCS doesn’t handle so to begin building new accounts I just ran an account creation with a much faster system.

Account Creation FCS vs RankerX

I didn’t mind the FCS Account creation tool too much it was very resource heavy though. I could barely use my computer if I decided to run it while trying to do anything. I am actually running the creator with RankerX right now and I probably will be for a while. It doesn’t take up many resources and I don’t even notice it. RankerX will also create accounts on the fly in a project if needed which is quite nice.

And Why I Went Back to FCS Networker

Ranker X is a nice tool, the account creator is far superior. The organization of the systems is what really made no sense to me. I can’t choose to post to a particular set of 4 or 5 sites without creating that as a group so web 2.0 linkbuilding was more complicated. Doing ‘social blasts’ with Ranker X doesn’t really work well either because they’ve got their sites organized a bit strange. Twitter is in the web 2.0 section along with many other more social type sites.

With FCS I knew what I was getting when I set up a campaign and RankerX makes posting to certain aged accounts and picking where you’re posting more complicated than it needs to be. I picked up a pro account with FCS for a one time payment and and I was able to cut the monthly costs as well. Those things convinced me but mostly it was a lack of control and organization with Ranker X in the way their web 2.0 accounts are set up.

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