Viral content for rankings

Why Do Viral Content Marketing?

Let’s just start out by saying I haven’t really been doing much with this website of mine. It is a fitness/health blog that was never used by a customer. They abandoned it and a year later I just started using it for my own. I set it up and had bought the domain for her to use, then she had a different plan and didn’t want it anymore.

Why I decided to implement a content marketing strategy for this blog

It just became somewhat of a occasional blog of mine, that I didn’t post much on until we got our home gym.I began to post more regularly and post even make video of some of my favorite paleo and whole30 recipes. If you don’t know what that is its a no grains, no chemicals way of eating. Its very popular in the Crossfit community.

Getting tons of traffic from using viral marketing strategies

I want to get that site to make a bit of income so it has some affiliate stuff on it, and some banner ads from clickbank. I’m probably just going to switch to adwords though. What I did a couple weeks ago worked like a charm getting over 500 hits in the second day after posting, and pushing the post up to #13 for one of the targeted terms.


You can see the traffic that I got from the post after sending it out with a Syndwire blast, and an Onlywire blast. The blasts were made late on the 19th, around 10pm. Below you can see what effect the blasts and traffic have had on the rankings for those keywords.

Viral content for rankings

Can I rank using viral content marketing?

This was one of the posts which had better results. I’m attributing this to the fact that it was BBQ which is very popular and has a better chance of going viral than, how to make a sandwich. The competition was also a bit lower than some of the other terms I’ve targeted since then, but still good search volumes. While I did do the social blasts in order to get traffic. I did not send a single backlink to this post aside from the web 2.0 sites to get it moving in the ranks.


Oh and here’s my first link to the site, do you eat paleo? Have you heard of whole30? Do you want to know how to make Whole30 BBQ Sauce?  Yep, its my own recipe and we love it.